Axed: Big Cat Diary. Returning: Futurama

Honestly…. is there really any point even writing this stuff up?

Oh that’s right. There is. There are viewers. They need to know what the hell is going on. ‘Cos networks sure don’t help.

Big Cat Diary is out.

Futurama doubles are in.

From 7:30 Wednesday.

That is all…

Kindly link blah blah blah…

(Can you tell it’s Friday?)


  1. Thanks a lot TEN!!!!!
    How can you axe a program after one week and worse, not even tell us you are doing it?
    You can explain to my 7 yo daughter that her favourite (educational) show BCD is not on without any warning because some clown behind a desk decided that they can chop and change as they wish with no commitment to loyal viewers.

    I’m just glad we pay for Foxtel – at least we know what is on when and that the entire series will be shown!

  2. Well I’m bloody glad my 4 year old fell asleep befpre Futurama came on, as I’d been promising her Big Cat Diary… Thanks Ten! Bloody stick to what you advertise please!

  3. I tuned into channel 10 at 7.30pm last night to watch Big Cat Diary and it is gone after 1 week??? At least if the ABC had it like earlier in the year you know that you are going to see the entire series!

  4. Karina Bridges

    Thanks for ruining entertainment channel 10.
    Documentaries are what i live for.
    Futurama is stupid.
    Big cat diary is the best and so are all documentaries. You have lost my choice of channels now channel 10. Until you bring big cat diary and meerkat manor back i will not support you at all and none of my families watch channel 10 now.

  5. What a load of BS. Big Cat Diary is great, I can’t believe people can watch this crappy show with stupid cartoons, oh god I’m so p****d screw you ten

  6. just saw a promo for Futurama, confirms that they are brand new episodes (obviously “The Beast With A Billion Backs” chopped up into four eps)

    But as Dave said, it’ll be a new one followed by a repeat at 8pm.

    Seems a bit of a waste to program brand new eps when your year is in the toilet but anyway.

  7. Who the f*** cares for Hamish and Andy? They’re irritating enough as supporting acts on Rove. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to give them their own bloody show? :/

  8. Awaiting clarification of eps. History tells us they have a habit of 1 new followed by 1 repeat.

    What I can tell you is the schedule currently stacks up as

    12/11 Futurama
    19 / 11 Hamish and Andy Re-Gifted
    26 / 11 Futurama


  9. Seriously feel sorry for House. The Amount of lead-ins it has had this season is unbelievable. Hopefully in 2009 Ten will not tinker with its schedule as much as it has (Wednesday has been the big one that has changed).

  10. I am a fan of Futurama, but I won’t be watching it on Tv. I am fed up with the way the FTA networks treat their shows. They continue to show rectanglar promos at the bottom of the screen, and also the fact they do not even let you enjoy watching the credits full screen without distorting it to the bottom of the screen to make way for more of their promos. And it isn’t just Ten who is doing this.

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