Is this the last episode of Futurama?

2013-10-22_1053Tomorrow night ELEVEN screens the season finale for Futurama, “Meanwhile” at 8pm.

Fry proposes to Leela, and they face their future as the Professor’s latest invention alters the fabric of time.

This is Episode 26 of Season 7 and the last to be produced for Comedy Central.

At the moment there are no firm plans for the series to continue, but of course it was revived by Comedy Central after being cancelled by FOX.

Creator Matt Groening has previously expressed a desire to continue the series, and there have been rumours of a film or another direct-to-video series.

At Comic Con actress Katy Sagal told fans Groening had said that “we’ll find a place” and “don’t worry, it’s not going to end.”

A “Simpsorama” cross-over episode will also air as the season 25 finale of The Simpsons.


  1. @Tex
    Haha! Very funny.
    All of The Simpsons seasons is better than futurama. And look at the ratings why is it still going very good? And why did FOX and Comedy Central cancel Futurama?

  2. wwenrl: “The Simpsons and Family Guy is way better…”

    Umm, have you seen any Simpsons episodes made in … oh, I dunno, the last 15 years or so?

    I don’t think much of Futurama – it’s not funny, a bit obvious and, frankly, bland – but it still beats the pants of anything The Simpsons has done since about Season 8…

  3. Good! Worst show Ever!!!
    The Simpsons and Family Guy is way better, that’s why there still going strong, but this show gets cancelled twice in its history, and its gone for good now. Finally!!!

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