Returning: The Simpsons

Season 31 begins on 7mate next week.

The Simpsons returns to 7mate for its 31st season next week.

“The Winter of Our Monetized Content” will follow two repeat episodes.

This episode aired in the US in September.

Bart and Homer become social media celebrities when a video of them fighting goes viral; Lisa fights the school’s new industrialized detention system.

8:30pm Wednesday February 12 on 7mate.

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  1. I’ve given up on the animations live on 7, yes they are on Wednesdays on 7mate, but in different timeslots every couple of weeks.
    Now simpsons are on Disney+, i can binge there and catch the others on 7 plus in a fortnightly binge.

      1. No they seem a season behind but at least I’ll be able to watch them. If 7plus had catch up for Simpsons it wouldn’t be so bad, but last year i kept setting the EPG to record and would get Futurama and Spartan, t then it would be removed for a footy show, very inconsistent to follow for new eps

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