Britney for Kath & Kim?

Following Pamela Anderson's stint, now there's talk of Britney Spears appearing on Kath and Kim.

First there was Pamela Anderson. But could Britney Spears be next on the hit list for the US Kath & Kim?

It’s an idea that’s been floated by executive producer Michelle Nader.

In an interview with Nader, Molly Shannon and Selma Blair, for TVGuide, there’s a lot of celebrity lovin’ going on, and a good deal of praise for Jane Turner and Gina Riley:

Molly Shannon: I will say that the Australian version is so well done it’s very hard to touch. As a comedian, I felt like I had to find a way to make it my own. Coming from Saturday Night Live where I created original characters, it was hard doing something that already existed that was done so perfectly.

TVGuide.com: Who are Kath and Kim’s favorite celebrities?

Shannon: I think Kath’s is Nicole Kidman. I love her in my personal life too.

Nader: Well, Kath also likes Cher.

Shannon: You like Cher, Michelle. Which I guess is why my character idolises Cher.

Nader: We actually just had Pam Anderson on the show in a dreamlike sequence; it felt very natural for her to be there somehow.

TVGuide.com: Any other guest stars coming up?

Nader: We just had Maya Rudolph on — she was hilarious. And there’s talk of Britney Spears coming on for a story about Kath and Kim going to Las Vegas to see the Cher show. I guess I really do like Cher.

Source: KCBA

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  1. Amen Itsross!. I’m also still watching it and quite enjoying it. I thought the first three eps were cringe-worthy, but once you get past that it is quite good. I suggest to everyone to give it another go when it comes back for summer. Just remember, it’s not meant to be our Kath and Kim.

  2. I’m still watching US K&K too Grinspoon, and enjoying it. It’s definitely getting better and has a few genuine laugh out loud moments.

    People try and compare it to “our” K&K but you can’t do that, it is its own show and I enjoy it.

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