Check your 24 watch

Updated: Now 8:30pm.

I hate to be picky but somebody as the Daily Telegraph really needs to be on top of this stuff better.

According to today’s newspaper, 24: Redemption “will premiere on Fox in the US on Monday (AEST). Channel 7, which has seen all the previous six series, is due to air the episodes and the movie next year.

Umm, no….

24: Redemption aired on Sunday night on FOX already.

It airs on Seven next week not next year: 8:30pm Friday December 5th.

You can read a full review printed at TV Tonight last week here.


  1. Luke Dennehy made another mistake in his column last week – he referred to Stephanie McIntosh’s character in Neighbours as “Skye Mangal” instead of “Sky Mangel”. There was also an article in another part of the paper that referred to Packed To The Rafters as a Melbourne drama, when it is made in Sydney!

  2. I’m actually quite pleased with it being on Friday night, with an improved 8.30 timeslot. If it rated between 800k – 1mill then that would be pretty decent, and hopefully trialled in a 9.30 slot come next year.

  3. They obviously don’t care how it rates. Why else would they put it in such a horrible timeslot on the worst night possible? If they put the series on then then that would be ridiculous but they obviously don’t care about the lead-in movie.

  4. A friday 9:30pm, thats going to rate well
    Wouldn’t the demographic most interested be out
    Just downloaded and watching now, you should have seen the speed of the download.

  5. stupid telegraph!!! i’ve already scene Redemption; downloaded! 😛 It’s brilliant and definitely worth the wait 😉 ill watch it when it finally airs on seven 😛

  6. Another mistake was also made in this weeks Sunday Hearld Sun, the Luke Dennehy column said that Andrew O’Keefe’s This Is Your Laugh started on 7HD ‘Tonight at 8:30’ (Tonight as in this Sunday already passed).

  7. Surely Seven could’ve given it a better timeslot than on a Friday at 9.30pm. Instead of showing two repeat eps of Bones they could’ve given it a Monday 8.30pm timeslot. Strange bit of programming if you ask me.

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