Game over for Ed Phillips

Quiz host Ed Phillips has been dumped by Channel Nine.

His contract with Nine recently expired and he will not be offered a deal next year, says Confidential.

The non-renewal unfortunately makes for untimely news, just days before Temptation returns to screens.

Only this week Nine even sent out a press release enthusiastically quoting the host: “We’re certainly coming back with a bang, making contestants sweat on the buzzers over summer.

“I can’t wait until it’s game on,” he said.

Livinia Nixon fares a little better with the network, as weather girl for Nine News in Melbourne plus occasional appearances on other shows.

Today’s newspaper article says Temptation is axed. TV Tonight reported this news exclusively way back in June when production staff at FremantleMedia were let go and moved on to other projects. At the time Nine was at pains to point out the show had not been axed, its block of records had simply concluded.



  1. Not Just Temptation and Who Wants to be a Millionaire But let us not Forget The Price is Right when that was around.It was also rather succesful.
    I am one of many thousands of people who is getting fed up to death of 2.5 men episodes being shown many times over.
    Find some new hosts and bring back our quiz show and for god sakes Hurry.

    Here’s another use for 2.5 men During the parts of the year when they don’t show Hi 5 or Humphrey Bear use it as a 3:30pm show

  2. @michael*oz:

    Oh please, every day that Temptation was on, I had my PVR record it and then I’d watch it in chunks every week or two weeks.

    Sure there’s a lot of spruiking of the wares being given away but that’s been the way of game shows since, well, the beginning. And thanks to the beauty of recorded television I could skip the really long ones, like the Volvo bit at the end.

    RIP Temptation.

  3. i am truly surprised by this, in an age where it seems that people hate every tv personality ed was one of the more standable ones. even if temptation is gone i’m sure something could have come along instead of throwing in shelly, tim campel, jules, or ‘cringe’ eddie.

    and eddie still gets millions each year

    i hope he is picked up by another network

  4. Tempation at 5:30

    I agree with the other comments suggesting Temptation at 5:30. It is really worth a try. If temptation can deliver those figures at 7pm, then it could potentially knock Deal or no Deal off its throne.

    Please consider this Channel 9, instead of just killing off another of your quiz formats.

  5. Princess Buttercup

    Damn! I was looking forward to Temptation coming back, it’s format meant I could potter about doing other stuff (getting kids off to bed, washing dishes, etc) and still keep up with what was going on without having to keep my eyes glued to the screen.

    Surely it would have done better than Antiques Roadshow at 5:30 if they’d given it a run there? AR is aimed squarely at all the nanas who would also watch Temptation, plus it would bring in a lot of other people who have no interest in watching Poms finding out that Uncle Hubert’s old desk is worth a small fortune.

  6. Oh please.

    I bet none of you watched anyway. It just seems to me it’s “cool’ to dump on Nine.

    Seven sacks a news reporter the same day a case against him and Seven is dismissed from court…. Seven said at the time “we stand by our man…”

    This stuff hapens everywhere. Not just Nine. Let’s put things into perspective, please.

  7. I was watching Croc Dundee last night, and saw the the little promo for Temptation and i was happy to see it back, and now this, whatever happened to intelligent TV, i liked trying to answer the questions before the contestants. Yes they were very much a quiz based infomercial but the quiz part was quite fun.

  8. “Nine was at pains to point out the show had not been axed, its block of records had simply concluded.”

    You’ve gotta love the comedic sound of a corporate exec who is under the delusion they can fool the media with spin, but is about as good at it as a primary school kid making excuses for not doing their homework.

    I’m not a fan of the show myself (though my mum loves it!) and I partly agree with Jezza’s comment about about the show’s blatant advertising focus (though not about Phillips) For a quiz show, it had so many interruptions for product placement it barely felt like a quiz show at all for half its running time.

    It’s still astonishing that 1.3 million viewers isn’t enough to avoid the axe these days. Guess it’s all about the “winning” factor these days, and screw the viewers.

  9. I didn’t really like Ed Phillips but I doubt they’ll find anyone else to replace who I like more.

    Even if Temptation is cancelled for now, it’ll be back eventually, perhaps under a different name. I expect Wheel of Fortune will be back in a couple of years too.

  10. Another sad day. No hope for Temptation beyond February. At least Livinia still is with Nine Melbourne doing the weather. The duo worked well together and they have been missed this year. Temptation was a great show but too expensive to continue. If only viewers didn’t desert Nine!!!

    I wonder where Ed will go next?

  11. Is this the newest catch phrase for people in the Nine stable – “Contract not renewed”
    So many people, so much money handed out for doing nothing.
    Something have to give.

  12. Unbelievable. Ch 9 sink further. Thinking of moving to Melbourne just so I can see Livinia on the weather! Yet another sign of the complete dumbing down of FTA TV. At least we have Jeopardy on Foxtel at 7pm to watch.

  13. We can blame this on all the nubes who continually watch 2.5 Men repeats. Wouldn’t be surprised if Ed turned up on 7 within the next year, big loss to 9 IMO.

  14. There hasn’t been any real reason for me to watch the two and half men network for months anyway…this just confirms it. I agree with you R. Ed and Livinia had great on screen chemistry, shame they couldn’t at the very least move them to another project.

  15. Jezza of the city

    Temptation was rubbish, it was simply an advertoral for the brand names of the so called prizes. Every night we had to have the 2 minuted promo for the car. Good riddance, Ed Phillips is just another of those cheesy faceless quiz show hosts. He will not be missed.

  16. It is a shame, temptation was one of the few game shows I actually enjoyed, why they didn’t move this to 5.30 as their ‘fix’ rather than some unproven magazine format is beyond me. Its a proven rater, getting as high as 1.3 million on a regular basis.

    Two and a half men repeats can only last so long before people realise they’re watching the same show 10 times over on weeknights and they stop tuning in. The nine will be up sh!t creek without a paddle all over again!

  17. Such a shame that Channel Nine has killed off its two most successful quiz franchises: Temptation and Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

    That’s at least three and a half hours of airtime that they wouldn’t have to fill with Two and a Half Men, 20-to-1 or whatever filler the station has lying around.

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