Grim diagnosis for Young Doctors revival

The Young Doctors, promised for 2008, will be lucky to see the light of day in 2009. At least on the Nine Network.

Under development by FremantleMedia, the show was originally produced by the Grundy Organisation for Nine from 1976-1983. FremantleMedia, which acquired Grundy in later years, put the idea to Nine in 2007 when the network was interested in having a local show in the style of Grey’s Anatomy.

The contemporary version was being developed by the writers of The King.

Nine’s interest in the show was confirmed when it appeared on a list of new 2008 programmes released to media and advertisers in late 2007.

By mid-year Nine’s take on that date was that it was in development in 2008, with a likely 2009 launch.

But sources tell TV Tonight the network has since passed on the idea, leaving it effectively homeless.

The rejection by Nine follows the recent news that The Strip will not be proceeding to a second series.

With McLeod’s Daughtersset to end its on air run, Nine will be left with Underbelly and Sea Patrol as its only two, continuing adult drama series. Under a content points system, both qualify as mini series for Nine and should meet around half of the network’s annual local content requirements.

The network is yet to announce its 2009 slate.

Comment was sought from Nine.


  1. I like Jack’s idea of outback flying doctors type show.
    Remember 2 of the best longlasting shows on TV were set in the country
    A country practice led the way.
    That type of relaxing drama works on Tv here – mixture of humour, plus usual mix of small time crime, love stories interwoven.

  2. “They might still have two episodes of Canal Road up their sleeve in 2009. Any word on when they will be aired?”
    I’m hoping it shows up in the Strip time slot after next week to burn off the final 2 eps.

    But David do you have any more news on this burning question 🙂

  3. When the idea originally came about Greys was the buzz show of the moment. Now that it has died down, i think Nine are wise in passing. We already have All Saints as the weekly Aussie Medical drama. To have it back in its original form as a nightly soap might be better than the one hour weekly drama. If Out of the Blue dosn’t go beyond its first six months there might be room on ten for TYD.

  4. Nine need a new rural drama to replace McLeod’s, set in the outback.

    To be honest i’m glad young doctors has flopped as the last thing we need is another medical drama but on the other hand The Flying Doctors that was set in the outback would be perfect if it returned. The sad thing is Aussie dramas really lack imagination at the moment. We want something new and origional like McLeod’s daughters or Love my way.

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