Returning: CSI: Miami. Bumped: Rugby World Cup (Vic)

Channel Nine is pushing the telecast of its Rugby League World Cup game this Sunday on GTV9 from 8:30pm to 10:30pm. There is no change to TCN9 or QTQ9.

Instead it will bring CSI: Miami back at 8:30pm with “All In” (S6E16) and follow with a repeat at 9:30pm.

Last night the game attracted just 158,000 viewers in Melbourne and 900,000 viewers nationally, beaten by Dancing with the Stars and Rove. Nine also lost its prized Sunday crown to Seven, although it was first in 18-49 and 25-54. TEN won 16-39.

The semi final on Saturday 15th is pushed out to midnight in Melbourne while the second Semi Final will also air at 10:30pm on November 16.

Nine had previously moved The Mentalist from Sundays to Wednesdays to make way for the World Cup. It has also copped a lot of flak for playing sports games delayed. More fodder for Pay TV to criticise FTA sports?

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  1. Blame the Federal Government. Nine should be able to air this live on a secondary digital channel and stick with their regular schedule on the main channel.

  2. This is ridiculous. Ch.9 you suck so much. There are 8 of us in this family who absolutely adore league. They stuffed us Storm supporters all year too.
    Who care if its an afl state. Ch.7 and 10 don;t care broadcasting afl into rugby league states with poor ratings, but they do it live anyway, to expose their game and because they are under contract. Ch.Nein.

  3. As expected Nine does the dirty Or what we all expected.

    Have to wonder ‘What are the criteria/terms set by sporting bodies selling rights to Tv networks.

    Odds are they just look for Most money rather than ‘get maximum free to air and live exposure.

    Hopefully, all sporting bodies will bargain harder with networks in future.

  4. We need Foxtel to broadcast Channel Nine’s NRL Games live into the AFL States on Main Event starting with the 2009 Season similar to AFL in New South Wales and Queensland where the Friday Night Game is Live.

  5. Story does indicate Rugby League World Cup, but the headline was already pretty long. I think most people know we’re in the middle of the RLWC.

    Google ads on the site differ depending on your location / browser / pageview. I’ll keep my eye on any further complaints for that particular advertiser, but Google ads are pretty common across the net.

  6. It is actually the RUGBY LEAGUE World Cup, not the Rugby World Cup as the heading suggests.

    On the right hand side of this page is a series of Google ad links. I clicked on one that promised:

    Watch Rugby League W-Cup
    Watch the Rugby League Wrld Cup Matches Live Online

    A quick search of the net discovered that this is a scam. They have a series of interent sites, the main site being, promising you can watch almost any sport live for a fee, but they deliver nothing.

  7. I am disappointed with Nine’s decision to push back World Cup matches as I love rugby league and AFL. This means I will have to listen to the games on the net.
    David, the rescheduling will probably affect WIN Tasmania too as it generally follows Channel Nine Melbourne programming.

  8. Quote from a previous article on this website from ch9: “The Nine Network will televise nine of these (super-8 and finals) live on Saturday and Sunday nights.”

    Another example of ch9 lying to us…

  9. That is absolutely shocking!!! How can they treat the World Cup like this!! I know it isnt fantastic but surely for the semis they should be LIVE or on a 1 hr delay. This is not good enough by ch9. I understand all the ratings rubbish but to treat Melbourne fans like this is a disgrace!!

    I can only imagine what ch9 will do with the union world cup in 2011!!

  10. ITA this is yet another reason to scrap the anti completive practices and allow Rugby World Cup on Fox LIVE!

    The big 3 are all about ratings and sorry to say sports like Rugby World Cup don’t cut it and need to be allowed on PayTV for the fans who want to see them live!

    I wonder if next year with multi channel FTA digital will allow ch9 and others to show sports like this live while the main SD channel can show the regular programs? Or will the Rugby World Cup go to ch10 with it’s 24/7 HD Sports channel?

  11. So Nine continues to renege on its promises re the RLWC. They couldn’t treat the game with less respect if they tried. I hope to god that the NRL and RLIF either take their business elsewhere or put some contractual conditions on Nine next time the TV rights are negotiated, rugby league fans in Melbourne shouldn’t be forced to be up until after midnight to watch the international pinnacle of the game.

  12. This is great for 9 Melbourne as their ratings for last night were disappointing as coming third on a Sunday night in the network’s strongest city is a worry. Victorians are not big on rugby so it won’t be so bad. In Adelaide the game starts at 10:30pm and CSI:Miami does well especially in the demos.

    9 did well last night but behind 7 is a worry for Sunday night. Next week will be the DWTS grand final so it may be 7’s night but at least Melbourne has CSI:Miami instead of the rugby.

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