Returning: Outback Wildlife Rescue

Ernie Dingo’s factual series, Outback Wildlife Rescue, produced by Freehand, returns to Seven’s Sunday nights in summer.

The show disappeared from Seven’s schedule during the changes caused by the financial meltdown specials and the rush to get the US Kath & Kim to air.

The fourth episode includes the transportation of a saltwater crocodile, the rescue of a black swan and a baby sugar gliderwhich had been picked up by a huge dog.

It returns 6:30pm Sunday December 7th, to replace The Outdoor Room. It’s followed by Hot Property.


  1. i love all the episodes and will never stop watching them. the things that all you guys do are amazing good on you and keep it up you really are making a great diffrence

  2. This is what i expected to happen but whats got me baffled is where is american gladiators i thought it was coming this summer. Has seven had a back flip? As for our kath and kim it was put in place when the american series failed. It is noted as a final tonight so i dont think it will be continuing this summer. However the american series will in a late night slot on monday

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