Nine switcheroo on Kath & Kim

Nine programming move looks to be in response to Big Brother success.

Nine is flipping its Tuesday and Wednesday night programming, presumably in a move to combat the early success of Big Brother.

Nostalgia titles Kath & Kim and movie Crocodile Dundee will now shift to Wednesday next week, whilst Paramedics moves to Tuesday.

Tuesday June 17
7:30pm Paramedics new
8:30pm RBT rpt
9:30pm Botched new

Wednesday June 18
7:30pm Kath & Kim dbl rpt
8:30pm Movie: Crocodile Dundee rpt

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      1. Mom is a terrific show, has never been given the opportunity to find an audience in Australia. It rates really well in the US. It has a lot of funny moments but also delves into the more serious side of showing the personal growth of its characters recovering from addiction.

  1. I am actually happy about this now I can watch BB and Kath and Kim for the 10,000th time, never get sick of it.
    But I couldn’t help noticing that I saw Ch9 and ABC both advertising Muriels Wedding? Never mind again I’ll never get sick of that too.

    1. I’ve got the complete DVD Box set of K & K, and also watch the repeats. I actually pick up things I missed previously every time I watch it ( and no, I’m not slow on the uptake ! Don’t take me for the fool I am 😉. I use their vernacular as part of my everyday language.

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