Returning: The Big Bang Theory

Nine is bringing the sitcom The Big Bang Theory back to screen this month, despite it being dropped from the schedule earlier this year.

It will move into 8pm Wednesday from November 19th, replacing Two and a Half Men. It returns with episode five “The Hamburger Postulate.”

The slot has recently been Nine’s biggest audience for the week, so this time the show has every opportunity to find a following.

The comedy about a bunch of geeks rooming across the hall from an attractive blonde is directed by the legendary James Burrows, responsible for directing every single episode of Will & Grace, plus other shows including Cheers, Frasier, Mary Tyler Moore Show and, ironically, Two and a Half Men.

The Charlie Sheen comedy will remain in repeat before it at 7:30pm.

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  1. I don’t find it BBT particularly funny, but at least Nine are airing new eps of something meaning one less Two and a Half Men repeat!

    But I would have prefered it being replaced by The New Adventures of Old Christine. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is good value and Wanda Sykes – who plays Barb – is hilarious. Did anyone see her on the Ellen halloween special on Monday? Too funny!

  2. I actually do think Little Britain is funny, but I reckon 2.5 men has been overkilled beyond belief. Nine have played through the first 4 seasons at least 7 or 8 times now, and the fact its on 9 times a week while other shows like Chuck and Pushing Daisies get shafted to summer is just annoying. That, and the fact I find the humour to be not very present, I watched a couple of eps but didn’t understand the hype, I laughed like once the whole half hour compared to Its Always Sunny or How I Met Your Mother where I laughed the entire episode.I reckon Rules of Engagement does the whole “cheap CBS comedy with sex jokes” type show a lot better

  3. Looks like we have polarised views on this one. This is a very funny show!!! and what’s wrong with 2.5 Men? That is also a good show. Lighten up this is funny stuff, next we’ll be hearing that Little Britain isn’t funny.

  4. This show is terrible. If you watch it, don’t expect to laugh. Between this, til death and 2.5 men, Nine is the best network to watch if you feel like watching comedy thats not funny. Seven has some great ones up its sleeve, HIMYM and IASIP are mad, and MNIE is good in small doses. Samantha Who isn’t too hot though

  5. …Yes Benno, my sentiments exactly. This is good news, but I won’t belive ’till I see it. I got very excited last time, then it didn’t happen.

  6. This show is so funny. I’ve seen up to s02e04 and that was one of the best of the series. Will there be another amendment to disregard this news like last time?

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