Gone: Nancy Drew

10 Peach yanks US mystery from the schedule.

Bad news for Nancy Drew fans with 10 Peach yanking the show from schedule tonight, replaced with Will & Grace repeats at 10:30pm.

It’s also out in coming weeks, but network sources suggest a return in April is now likely.

The show was recently renewed for a second season.

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  1. How bad were the ratings for 10 to have yanked it?

    Would it not have made more sense to have the show premiere in a 7.30pm timeslot on a weekday so that the target audience can at least take a gander? :/

    1. Nancy Drew premiered at 9pm on Peach but was bumped to 10:30pm when it didn’t rate. They aired the first block 9 eps, then it was on a production break over Christmas and New Year. 10 planned to return it early Jan, but the CW didn’t put it back on till the 15th. Then 10 put out a press release for its return on 23rd but didn’t air it. And now they have done it again. It seems that they prefer to show old Will & Grace eps, while the final season is running on Stan, and current James Corden eps during the Trump Impeachment and Primaries.

      Nancy was still listed in the EPG when I looked, so I flicked over during a break in the cricket only to find a Will & Grace episode with Kevin Bacon. Ten have posted the ep on Tenplay, but there is no file there to play.

  2. ? This must be the second time they have done this as a few weeks ago it was in my Sunday paper guide, but not actually on TV.

    Another show I was taping, 19-2 has also pulled a disappearing trick.

    I hope neither of them are any good.

    1. I hope Ten put it on Tenplay or All Access if they don’t bring it back soon.

      I watched all of 19-2 on 7Plus and really enjoyed it. The season 2 opener was one of the most extraordinary episodes of tv I’ve ever seen. It follows the police point of view through an active school shooting, very graphic and intense. Like other Canadian shows 19-2 is much quieter and slower paced at times than glossy US cop shows, but more gritty and real.

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