Bumped: Out of the Blue

Some news for fans of Out of the Blue, which gets a reprieve….of sorts….

TEN will move the show to Sundays at 6pm, beginning this Sunday with a PG rating.

As previously reported, the show disappears from its late weeknight timeslot after this Thursday making way for TEN Late News to return to 10:30pm next week.

But the Aussie soap still has a long way to go with its mystery storylines, and there are fans who want their fix.

The Sunday 6pm slot edges out (more) Simpsons repeats, which return to 6pm weeknights next week.

As previously tipped here, Out of the Blue is also too valuable in drama points for TEN not to air -especially for a network that only has two local dramas in primetime. It’s no surprise a new timeslot has been sought.

Airing at 10:30pm it currently has an M Rating (some violence, adult themes). Does that mean in its new PG-friendly slot the show will have edits? More than likely.

Screening what was made as a “stripped” soap just once a week is also hardly an ideal outcome. It’s too long in between episodes for a show that was designed to work as a half hour soap.

Once ratings return, don’t be surprised if we hear about another adjustment.

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  1. Don’t worry guys – who really is at home at 6:00 PM on a Sunday evening any way – just watch it from the ten website – no adds and it’s wrapped up in less than 23 mins – i’m loving this show – actually I’m addicted – anyone else out there who feels the same way? Story line is good – i’m loving to hate certain characters and it generally throws you every ep, so bring on more OOTB!!!

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