Chaser set for US cable

American cable TV channel G4 has bought the American broadcast rights to the The Chaser's War on Everything.

American cable TV channel G4 has bought the American broadcast rights to the The Chaser’s War on Everything.

Available in 62 million homes across the US, the channel targets male viewers aged between 17 and 36 years. The show will make its US debut, ironically, on Australia Day.

G4 is billing the series as an “ambush comedy show” and the first episode features the Trojan Horse and Airport Security skits along with their interview with Hugh Jackman.

An edited version of the show has already screened in Israel, South Korea, New Zealand, Norway and Finland.

In September, 2007, their APEC stunt driving a fake motorcade through the heavily-guarded security zone for the APEC summit in Sydney made headlines across the world, including the US where reports on the breach appeared on that night’s major TV news bulletins.

The possibility of charges against cast and crew dragged on for months until eventually being dropped.

But the stunt was well timed with the ABC able to benefit from the global television sales-fest, MIPCOM-TV in Cannes not long afterwards.

β€œThe Chaser really hit a chord because everyone had heard of them from APEC,” said ABC international sales chief Karen Dacey.

The comedy team returns to ABC this year with 10 episodes.

Source: AAP / Australian

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  1. It’s a cable show, it isn’t aimed for near as many as the broadcast networks. The cable network is also specifically targeted at a certain age and gender (young males). The total audience will probably be under the 500k mark.

  2. Like Rove, The Office, Kath & Kim etc, this is one of those shows that is going to be lost in translation despite the Americans having only a different dialect of English, they are worlds apart with the exception of a minority of intellects who understand Australian and British humour.

  3. Man love this show, can’t believe the apec stunt was almost a year and a half ago, man time just flies.

    Yeh a bit of editing will have to be done, like the stunt where the chaser try and pay for petrol using bananas (during the banana cyclone of 06)

    And in the first episode when the winner of one of their quiz games gets a wheel barrow full of mars bars and snickers ( during the mars bars and snickers recall of 06)

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