What I’ve Been Watching: Chas Licciardello

Chas Licciardello is very selective about watching shows, and reveals he nearly auditioned for Big Brother.

Planet America last week drew record ratings of 429,000 viewers.

Co-Host Chas Licciardello tells TV Tonight he is very selective about what shows he watches in his spare time, and reveals he very nearly auditioned for Big Brother.

What shows are on your must-see TV list lately?
CL: Unfortunately, for the last 2 years my primary source of information, entertainment, and comfort has been US news – I am now a shattered husk of a man. But to the extent that I have had time to watch anything lately, I quite enjoyed Dead To Me and Superstore.

How has lockdown affected your viewing?
CL: I spend my entire life either in front of a camera or a laptop, so lockdown doesn’t really exist for me – other than as a source of hilarious Twitter clips of angry people. Now if we could just convince the President to take a breather for a few days then THAT might do good things for my viewing. But I’m not holding my breath!

Which guilty pleasure show are you reluctant to admit to watching?
CL: I will admit I spend way too much time watching YouTube clips of 00’s late night show host Craig Ferguson flirting with his celebrity guests, and random episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in my head with either!

When you settle down for a night on the couch what are your ‘must-haves?’
CL: I always have my phone in one hand – the ADD is alive and well. And the crumpets and jelly are never far away!

What show you would secretly love to appear on?
CL: I came *this close* to auditioning for Big Brother back when it started, cause I was really into BBUK. But then The Chaser‘s TV show got picked up just before the audition date, so I decided it might not be the best idea for my longevity in the TV industry. The lengthy trail of discarded reality TV roadkill that exists these days would suggest my instincts were correct!

Who do you think will win the US election and what does Planet America have in store as it ramps up?
CL: Anything can happen over the next month. But I suspect if the election were held today Biden would win with a semi-comfortable margin. As far as what Planet America has planned, we just want to be there – US news is 24/7 with the volume knob turned to 11. If we can just keep up with it and not say lots of stupid stuff, we’ll be pleased….. and alone!

Planet America airs 9:30pm Wednesday on ABC.

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  1. Chas’s rant at the end of last week’s PA (or was it Fireside Chat) was phenomenal 😂

    I would love to see Chas produce a “Planet China” with Stan Grant in the 10pm slot. I’m sure he’s reading these comments. Make it happen please!

  2. Wow, I presume this interview was done pre COVID positive Trump? Because it’s very timely that Chas said he’d like the President to take a breather for a few days “But I’m not holding my breath”. Well Chas? You may get your wish for a day or two!

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