Returning: Celebrity Singing Bee

singing-bee-tim2Nine’s first return episode of Celebrity Singing Bee is back in a week’s time.

Hosted again by Tim Campbell, the light entertainent show will be back at 7:30pm next Thursday February 5th, themed “80’s Mania.”

Getaway is scheduled for the following week, February 12th.

Host Tim Campbell is in his element, taking celebrity guests through the lyrics of well known hits with the chance of winning up to $50,000 for charity. The key element is fun, and with an audience ready to clap, cheer and dance in the aisles, each week will be a rollicking hour of family entertainment.

The five brave celebrities lining up to win up to $50,000 cash for charity are Shane Crawford, Livinia Nixon, Jeff Fenech, Kathleen De Leon Jones and Paulini Curvenavuli.

Dorian West and the Celebrity Singing Bee Band return with an impressive repertoire of hit songs and will be joined in the studio by the brilliant vocal talents of Billy Field (Bad Habits) and 1927 frontman Eric Weideman (That’s When I Think of You).


  1. Hello, I am just wondering when the singing bee will be back on tv, I watched the 80’s episode and was waiting for the 90’s episode to come on as I was in the audience for that one, will it be coming on any time soon.

    Thank you in anticipation’


  2. Just caught the first show and they can’t get their music dates right. Robert Palmer’s ‘Bad case of loving you’ (Doctor Doctor) was released in 1979…not 1989. Any true 80’s fan knows this…should have been picked up.

  3. Bee is set to be huge this year, great celebs, lots of laughs, and lots of money raised for various charities.

    Keep your eyes peeled for Rob Mills and Lucy Holmes, who both sing in the house band, and were former stablemates at 9 while they hosted the gameshow The Mint. Mills is now in Wicked the musical, and Holmes stars in the 100% Kylie show and is the new morning host on 89.9 Light FM.

    There are also a few new faces in the Honey Bee’s, as they dance their way through the karaoke numbers!

    Apparently there are some great guest performances too including Jack Jones from Southern Sons!

  4. It’s a shame more Variety based shows like CSB are not produced. A show like CSB is great light hearted family entertainment. Tim Campbell is a wonderful talent who has honesty in his presenting style. My husband and I saw him in Shout and he is a talented actor and singer as well. I hope to see more shows like this and more of Mr Campbell.

  5. Nooooo! Not more cheap nasty shows for Nine.. And why schedule it for a Thursday 7:30 just for one week, and then already plan to change the timeslot for episode 2. How are the few ppl that actually like this show going to be able to track when it is on?

  6. i agree with Barrie that this show would be good at saturday 7.30pm. viewers of the video show will then watch this straight afterwards. tim is great in this show as well.

  7. David – if its not bad enough that channel 9 keeps changing their schedule now you are trying to confuse us by putting in the “coming soon” section that Singing Bee is on Sundays and on this review it says Thursdays.

  8. Yay I love this show and Tim is clearly having so much fun. I wish people would stop bagging young talent – we need new faces on TV and less of the Berts and Eddies. I think this show would do well on Saturdays 7.30pm – its great to get you in the mood for going out on the weekend. I’d like to see a regular series too.

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