Returning: Rove

Rove's first show for 09 will feature Justin Long, Ginnifer Goodwin, Matthew Hayden and Sneaky Sound System.

rove-hostRove and co are back bright and early this year, from 9pm Sunday February 8th.

Now in his ninth year on TEN, McManus brings back his regulars from 2008: Hamish & Andy, Dave Hughes, Ryan Shelton, Carrie Bickmore and of course Pete Helliar.

The first show will featue Justin Long (Ed) & Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love) from the film “He’s Just Not That Into You”, Miranda Kerr and Sneaky Sound System with a performance of “16”.

On February 15th it’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy) & Malin Ackerman from the movie ‘The Watchmen’, Alan Cumming and Natalie Bassingthwaighte with a chat & performance of “Someday Soon”.

Audience tix for his first batch of Melbourne shows are also available at RoveDaily

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  1. “Rove fared very well in the TV Tonight reader awards last month. There was some division sure, but he came out on top winning Best Light Entertainment and Favourite Male.”

    That’s good and all, but ummm…..
    Would you care to post the vote amounts? It might give your post a little more credibility. I understand you yourself are very very confident with your credibility.
    But if you are going to start actually saying that a TVTonight internet vote represents the tastes of the viewing public, then it would be best to actually back it up with some facts/figures.

    1. I think I actually referred to the results from 1 survey here not the tastes of the viewing public. It was odd there wasn’t more support in this post given those who voted for him. Still, not everybody chooses to comment….

      Most of the longer surveys here get about 1000 votes, which at 10 mins to complete I am happy with, and so did this one.

      I don’t know how you’ve arrived at with the “very very confident” credibility line or where I’ve said this.

      NB: Please also use one identity for comments as per Comments Policy rather than multiple IDs.

  2. I am only looking forward to hamish and Andy. Rove is an annoyance. Carrie Bickmore is stupid and really lame, and Ryan Shelton is just a tool. Peter Helliar is okay, and Hughsey is okay as well.

    I might watch this, unless there is anything else on.

  3. ahh i love rove!! i watched last yr more than any other yr and i love the kevin rudd pm segment!! the funniest shit out there lol, rove today still can entertain people well. i will def be tuning in

  4. Now that Greys isnt on sundys, i’ll definitely be tuning in. But i did late last year. Great show, esp Hamish and Andy. Would love to see the return, but im going to the cricket 🙁 Hayden will be there too

  5. Stopped watching this show in 2006 when he had the ugly set change that lasted for one season. (not the reason why I stopped though) Pity Dave Hughes, Ryan Shelton, and Pete Helliar are still on it.

  6. Whilst I don’t watch Rove reguarly his show isn’t shocking, its light hearted and good for a bit of a laugh now that Greys Anatomy has moved timeslots there is nothing I watch on Sundays, so I may tune into Rove more and more this year.

  7. James, I too find it strange that Rove is still on the air after all these years. He is unfunny and a poor interviewer. His attempts at humour are really despearate at times and the fact his American appearences have bombed really does show that Australians are simply chewing up the only thing that’s given to them. I think that’s the real reason that Rove has stayed on all these years, none of the other networks have bothered with their own variety/talk show. And really, Rove is the one of the only platforms both local and visiting international celebrities can use to promote their product in Australian prime time. Why Channel Seven doesn’t get the likes of Angus Sampson or Josh Lawson to host a late night program is beyond me! I think if they were actually given a choice, viewers would quickly migrate to another talk show and ditch Rove.

    Oh well, here’s hoping something new comes along soon…

  8. I watched Rove a lot more than ever before last season… it didn’t inspire me, but there was nothing else on at the time to capture my interest.

    Im not a fan of hughsey, I can’t stand hamish and andy, so I’m not sure I will tune in again this year.

  9. How is it possible this show which must cost a small fortune to make keeps coming back – it rarely rates above a million and rarely dominates its timeslot – and it is neither funny or entertaining – is rove on some contract that doesn’t allow his show to be axed!

    I do not know a soul who watches it and find it strange that it is back again. I’m all for Australian variety shows but this is just same old same old. I tried watching it last year and just yawned big time – does anyone else out there feel the same!

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