When Masi Oka met Studio 60

Heroes‘ Masi Oka guest stars in a three part story on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip which is still airing Thursday nights on 9HD. John Legend also appears in the three-parter.

Oka guest stars as himself hosting ‘the show within the show.’

“Monday” airs 10:30pm Thursday January 8th with two more to follow on January 15 and 22.

And no that isn’t Hayden Panettiere…

The cast and staff come back from their holiday break and prepare for the first show of the New Year with Danny in full pursuit of Jordan. Matt starts bidding in an online auction for a date with Harriet to compete with Luke Scott, a film director interested in Harriet, both on and off screen. Jordan is introduced to Hallie (Stephanie Childers), the newly appointed Vice President of Alternative Programming, but unfortunately doesn’t get off on the right foot with her, due to referring to her area of specialty as “illiterate programming”. Jordan makes a plea for Danny to stop pursuing her, claiming it’s embarrassing, however he says that he won’t.


  1. my EPG shows the 2nd of these 3 episodes is airing on wednesday the 14th, must have decided to move it forward and get the finale out of the way one week early, wonder if this is coz they have something interesting planned or just coz they feel like it.

    ps. don’t be dissing moonlight i love it. :p

  2. Righto Jack and Richo… maybe you both could star in a remake of the Odd Couple…ahh no wait iam sure thats been done as well…

    for the record all three shows were exceptional i though…in each there own way…try sitting in the “studio audience” of one of these shows (Obivously not Moonlight, before you jump in there, but i did see that get shot as well) and marvel at the eccentric professional audience members that make it their mission to sit in and laugh on que and throw the over the top compliments to the “stars” of each show…. I could imagine you both doing this…and i wouldnt know you if i walked past you both…. its all good 🙂

  3. AD was definitely too smart for you. 😉 It’s at the complete opposite end of the spectrum from 2.5 Men. And you can’t explain humour to someone else unless it’s over their heads, you just either get it or you don’t. And unlikeable characters just add to the humour.

    And despite its admittedly solid cast, Moonlight is one of the worst shows I’ve ever had the ironic pleasure of watching.

    You made a huge mistake, my friend.

  4. Yeah Jack, that’d be because AD is the most unfunny terribly overrated show in existence. Even 2.5 men is funnier than that sack of crap, and the fanboys of AD always insist their show was “too smart” for TV when it was nothing more than a mediocre show with unlikable, self-centred characters and annoying catchphrases. How on earth is that magician dude saying “I made a huge mistake” every episode meant to be funny? And Moonlight was decent for what it was, it didn’t compare to Angel, but it was a nice break away from most of the CBS cop shows on TV

  5. Wow, I didn’t even realise the DVD had had a local release. Time for me to check it out.

    Richo, as I recall you didn’t like Arrested Development either, and were a fan of Moonlight… There’s no accounting for taste.

  6. I didn’t like it, I thought it was boring. Everyone said it was really great and witty and intelligent and fun but I didn’t enjoy it at all. Then again, I caught like episode 12 or something, so maybe you had to watch it from the start to appreciate it. I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade though, if you enjoyed it can you tell me what you found enjoyable about it?

  7. Awesome show. Underappreciated and cancelled mid-season. sniff. It was soooooo much better than 30 Rock, perhaps a little too intelligent though…

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