America’s Patsy & Edina?

Uh oh. FOX has announced the two actresses to front its adaptation of Absolutely Fabulous.

hahnThere was once talk it would involve Roseanne. Or Carrie Fisher. Or even Liz Taylor.

But FOX has announced the two actresses who will finally become America’s very own Eddie and Patsy in its adaptation of Absolutely Fabulous.

They are Kathryn Hahn (pictured, Eddie) and Kristen Johnston (Patsy).

Hahn appeared in Revolutionary Road plus Step Brothers, The Last Mimzy and Anchorman.” On TV, she was seen on Four Kings and Crossing Jordan.

“From working with Kate Winslet to Will Ferrell, it’s her broad range of talent that inspired us to give her a development deal,” said Marcia Shulman from FOX. ” AbFab was bought with her specifically in mind.”

Kristen Johnston appeared in 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Hahn and Johnston were given the thumbs up after they table-read the AbFab script for FOX executives last month, with a pilot approved shortly after seeing them in action.

America has tried on many occasions to shoot for an adaptation of Jennifer Saunders’ hit. Saunders is one of three producers including Mitch Hurwitz.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Variety

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  1. Ninety percent of the great television produced in the last 10 years has come from the US. From the Sopranos to Battlestar Galactica, 24 to South Park, the Wire to Mad Men to Arrested Development. So much for processed culture.
    The original Ab Fab ran in the US during the nineties, on a basic cable channel.
    Now, the British producers are eager to make money by setting up an American version. If we’re lucky it will be another great show, like the American Office. It has the wonderful Jennifer Saunders and Mitch Hurwitz (creator of Arrested Development) behind the scenes.
    On the other hand, like most new shows it will probably fail.
    Who’s to know without having seen it?

  2. Kathryn Hann showed some great comedic talent in Step Brothers – though it was a very small role.

    And Kristen Johnson will fit well into the story lines where the imply Patsy used to be a man…

    But another Kath and Kim, or will it turn out to be like the office?

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