Bee sings up extra tunes

singingbee2Nine’s Celebrity Singing Bee will be running a little longer than the one special it has slated for tonight.

Next week there’s a 90’s Night with celebrity singers Richard Reid, Jonathan Coleman, Erin McNaught, Nick Giannopoulos and Dieter Brummer.

A week later it’s Number #1 hits with Craig Lowndes, Gyton Grantly, Frankie J Holden, Annalise Braakenseik and Charlie Delany.

There are six specials all up, meaning Getaway will be having a holiday for just a little bit longer. Not such a bad idea when overseas trips are a little pricey for the budget-conscious.


  1. I enjoyed Singing Bee for what it is, a bit of light hearted fun. I think Tim did a good job. He was energetic and enthusiastic without going over the top.

  2. I like Rove and AOK and think Tim’s alright but thought he comes across as akward as a host, especially on the first ep of Million Dollar Wheel, he looked like he might collapse in a sweat at any time.

  3. Damon, you must be on some bitter pills. Tim is very entertaining and a nice breath of fresh air on TV. We need a bit of variety for those who don’t like very much Rove or Andrew O’Keefe.

  4. i watched it for the first time last night and i thought it was good. its better than the battle of the choirs. whoever thought of that show should be shot

  5. I watched this for the first time tonight and actually enjoyed it. I thought Tim Campbell was as enthusiastic as a host can be expected to be. Don’t know about the longevity of the show, in my opinion its the same thing weekly which gets old fast.

  6. RichoTB, there was the original eight episodes with nobo contestants which was hosted by Joey Fatone back in 07. Then Campbell came in and did 4 celebrity ones last year. And now there are 6 more celebrity ones this year.

  7. I like that they’re “saving” Getaway for a bit, even if it’s only six weeks (if The Singing Bee lasts, that is). It seems Nine is putting all their high-rated shows in the first half of the year leaving nothing for later. Even though Getaway isn’t a show-stopper in terms of ratings it’s produces a consistent 1 mill or over.

  8. I agree with Neon 100%.

    As soon as I saw the ad I thought to myself, we are in the year 2009 right? Surely we as humans are a little more sophisticated than watching B grade celebs warble along to one hit wonders!!

  9. Oh (insert deity here), this is so, so awful. And so representative of what’s terribly wrong with FTA TV at the moment.

    I mean, who in their right mind thinks “I’ll tune in to hear Craig Lowndes sing the hits”??

    I saw the ad for tonight’s abomination and made a mental note to be out at the time lest I accidentally catch a bit of it and want to kill myself 🙂

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