Comic history gets a re-run

hamish_andyHigh definition channels don’t offer much these days (TEN HD has virtually evaporated) aside from a few rarities we can count on one hand.

However, there’s a little show coming up on 7HD that will be a curiosity piece.

Seven is going to repeat Hamish & Andy, made in 2004. It was the pair’s first television outing after their beginnings on Channel 31.

It only lasted 6 episodes however…

But it is equally as interesting for its supporting cast, many of whom had appeared previously on Seven sketch comedy The Big Bite.

Appearing alongside the boys are Andrew O’Keefe, Chris Lilley (including as “Mr. G”), Andrew Dyer, CJ Fortuna, Jo Gill, Kate McCartney and Rebecca de Unamuno.

It airs at 12 am Monday February 16th, midnight Sunday if you prefer.



  1. Man so want to watch this, but 12am…
    And our dvd recorder only has an SD tuner.
    However we do have an HDtv, so is there anyway to hook the tv up to the dvd recorder so that i can record the tv’s tuner (as opposed to the built in tuner in the dvd-recorder)

  2. I remember this show. It’s like they merged Big Bite with a show that was like Micallef’s Channel Nine show, but not as funny.

    I find the Big Bite stuff still better than the shows that came after it (Skithouse, The Wedge). Good to see Big Bite (interrupted with Hamish and Andy doing their “thing”) back on.

  3. Seven doesn’t have the best record when it comes letting its new shows prosper – with Neighbours they gave up after a year and then it became a huge hit on TEN, and then they let Hamish and Andy go in ’04 and they’ve become a radio phenomenon. And once again TEN were smart enough to snatch them.

  4. 7HD have already shown one ep, it was on last Saturday night at 11pm. I didn’t see it, but H&A mentioned it on their radio show when a listener informed them via email. They had no idea it was scheduled to be aired last week or soon.
    I only ever saw one sketch from this show, it was H&A trying to get into clubs with a tolley of shoes to choose from to wear.

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