Doctor Who in Dubai

446dubaiDavid Tennant and the Doctor Who cast have travelled to Dubai to film scenes for the upcoming special to air in the UK at Easter.

‘Planet Of The Dead’ is the first of four specials before Tennant leaves the show. Bionic Woman and Merlin star Michelle Ryan plays the mysterious Lady Christina de Souza who joins the Doctor on a bus-trip which takes a very unexpected detour into danger. British comedian Lee Evans joins the cast playing a character called Malcolm, whose life becomes connected to the Doctor’s under extraordinary circumstances. And Noma Dumezweni returns as Captain Erisa Magambo – last seen helping Rose and Donna save the world in Turn Left. It is also the first episode filmed in high definition.

Producer Tracie Simpson said: “We rarely take Doctor Who abroad, although we did visit Rome for series four’s ‘The Fires Of Pompeii’, which gave us some spectacular footage.”

At the time a fire at the set in Rome disrupted filming.

“The locations in Dubai are a perfect match for writer Russell T. Davies’s vision of the episode, and we expect to film some incredible scenes while we are here,” she said.

In other recent Who news, it has been suggested Matt Smith will receive far less salary than Tennant was getting. London’s Telegraph reports that he will be paid £200,000 per year (that about $437,000AUD) during a three-year contract, which is “a fraction of the sum” paid to Tennant.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. There’s apparently another Special after Xmas 09, the transitionary episode before the new series. But the BBC are being purposely vague about their scheduling, (they’re notorious for it for every show they make), so fans are still just guessing on the details.

    They haven’t even been made yet, so it’s probably premature to even speculate anyway.

  2. I was under the impression the “four” specials would be xmas 2008, easter, october, and xmas 2009. Is that not correct?

    I for one am glad that Mr Smith (heh) is getting paid less. A) he isn’t as well known as David, and b) it means that the they can spend more money on other more important things like writers, sets and special fx.

  3. Jimmy: “By the way, it’s the Second of four specials, not the first, as we’ve already had a Christmas special”

    It is actually five not four specials between the 2008 and 2010 seasons, the first of which you said was the 2008 Christmas Special.

  4. “Planet Of The Dead is the first of four Doctor Who Specials which will air in 2009.” – BBC Press Release.

    Guano, Maybe they are going to use the amazing cityscape of Dubai buildings too? Otherwise let’s just say: “Junket!!” (joke)

  5. That’s aweful… poor guy.. only getting 200,00 pounds per year.. *hint of sarcasm*.. ok i’d be annoyed too if the guy i had replaced got a lot more than me.. but $437,000 a year.. i mean i’m sure he’s not complaining..

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