Here’s what’s in store on ABC Family / ABC Entertains channels

New Hard Quiz Kids, The Cleaner, The Strange Chores, plus repeats of Doctor Who, ER, Portlandia and Merlin on new-look multichannels from June.

Two new channel refreshes will launch on Monday June 3 on ABC: ABC Entertains and ABC Family (which also includes ABC Kids).

There’s not a great deal of change from current ABC TV Plus and ABC ME channels, but here is a snapshot of forthcoming programming, denoting (NEW) for ABC first-run.

ABC Entertains

New episodes of The Cleaner, Wreck, Penn And Teller: Fool Us, Live At The Apollo and a Friday night movie will screen on ABC Entertains.

Joining them are repeats of ER, Would I Lie To You?, My Family, QI, Portlandia, Gruen and Hard Quiz.

Teen programming will screen from 5-11am

Monday June 3
11:00am Car S.O.S (NEW)
11:50am Not Going Out (NEW)
12:20pm My Family rpt
12:50pm Absolutely Fabulous rpt
1:20pm ER rpt
2:50pm Doctor Who rpt
3:35pm Speechless (NEW)
4:00pm Would I Lie To You? rpt
4:30pm MythBusters (NEW)
5:20pm George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces rpt
6:10pm Car S.O.S. (NEW)
7:00pm My Family rpt
7:30pm Would I Lie To You? rpt
8:00pm Would I Lie To You? rpt
8:30pm MythBusters (NEW)
9:20pm Penn And Teller: Fool Us (NEW)
10:00pm ER rpt
11:00pm ER (NEW)
12:15am rage (NEW) 1 hr

Tuesday June 4
8:30pm The Cleaner (NEW)
9:00pm Changing Ends rpt
9:25pm Portlandia rpt
9:45pm Portlandia rpt
10:05pm ER (NEW)
10:55pm ER (NEW)
11:40pm rage (NEW)

Wednesday June 5
8:30pm Wreck (NEW)
9:15pm Wreck (NEW)

Thursday June 6
8:30pm Hard Quiz rpt
9:00pm Gruen rpt
9:35pm Tomorrow Tonight rpt

Friday June 7
8:30pm Movie: Ride Like A Girl (NEW)

Saturday June 8
8:00pm QI rpt
8:30pm Live At The Apollo (NEW)

ABC Kids / ABC Family

ABC Family begins daily from 7:30pm after ABC KIDS programming. It will premiere Hard Quiz Kids, The Strange Chores, US sitcom Fresh Off the Boat, Expedition With Steve Backshall, The Secret Life Of Our Pets, Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures alongside replays of Little Lunch, The Inbestigators, Merlin, Bluey and Shaun the Sheep.

Monday June 3
7:05pm Andy And The Band rpt
7:20pm Bluey rpt
7:30pm Shaun The Sheep: Sheepless Nights rpt
7:35pm The Inbestigators rpt
7:55pm Little Lunch rpt
8:05pm Fresh Off The Boat: Pilot (NEW)
8:30pm Matilda And The Ramsay Bunch rpt
8:45pm Style It Out (NEW)
9:15pm Back In Time For Dinner rpt
10:15pm BTN Newsbreak (NEW)
10:20pm Doctor Who rpt
11:05pm Merlin rpt
11:50pm Home: The Story Of Earth rpt

Tuesday June 4
8:45pm Deadly Mission: Shark (NEW)
9:15pm Expedition With Steve Backshall (NEW).

Wednesday June 5
8:45pm Mythbusters  (NEW)

Thursday June 6
8:45pm The Secret Life Of Our Pets (NEW)

Friday June 7
7:35pm Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures (NEW)
7:50pm The Strange Chores (NEW)

Saturday June 8
7:30pm Hard Quiz Kids (NEW)

Confusingly, some titles such as Doctor Who and Mythbusters are on both multichannels -can we please align with one? It’s not ideal to be chasing shows around a schedule, especially where recording is concerned.

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  1. Wish tv stations would stop saying New, yes while it’s new to their tv station it’s really not a new show/series/movie at all as its already been soon on other channels/streaming services/dvd

    For example

    The Cleaner (NEW) …………. Britbox with it already have shown 2 seasons
    After the Flood (New) …………. Already on Britbox with the first 2 episodes of Season 1 on there and further 2 episodes dropping on Mondays till there is a total of 6 episodes for Season 1

    Ride like a girl came out March 2020 and you can watch it on DVD plus Netflix, Stan and Apple TV

  2. Hey David,

    Why the ridiculous timeslot for everything? I am on of the target audience of ABC Family and I am well asleep when BTN is on.

  3. Yet more rebranding from the ABC and reruns of content we come know of from our public broadcaster. Just renaming its recycled garbage.

  4. In the past Dr Who was on 2 ABC multis but with different seasons. Chasing programs over the tv schedules is becoming commonplace. Law and Order shows are on 3 networks, ABC titles are also on commercial channels and even Disney and Netflix are sharing some shows with other streamers. Hubbl designers saw this coming. Tom Gleeson on Gruen had a crack at the ABC for the many repeats of his Hard Quiz.

  5. S1-10 of ER have run on both 7+ and Gem/Nine Now recently. Merlin is there because they ran it a few months ago and they still have the rights. They don’t seem to spent much on content. Given that the ABC spends all their budget on op-ed on federal in and international politics on TV and online, and ABC staff, the one’s who weren’t fired or moved to Parramatta, have given themselves two large rises in pay and conditions. So they put up 30 year old TV and ask for more money, even though their drama and sitcoms are mostly funded by taxpayers through tax subsidies and arts funding.

  6. So Penn And Teller Fool Us are moving from their very long standing Thursday night slot to Mondays?

    Our research shows….

    How much did you pay your consultants to come up with that “idea”?

  7. The ABC are scrapping the bottom on the barrel…digging out ER…it’s 30 years ago…even though it was very popular…it was shot in wides screen but didn’t appear in widescreen until about the seventh season…so it will have black voids either side of the screen.. I’m watching Curb Your Enthusiasm repeats on Foxtel and it’s the same with the earlier episodes.

  8. Lots of repeats on ABC entertains. Quite horrified that ER repeats feature. But then if there is minimal investment in public broadcast television why have more channels…..

  9. A lot of the ‘new’ stuff is in fact repeats like ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ which was a stalwart of 10’s for years-the new ‘Mythbusters’ is not a patch on the original (even that was running out of puff by the end). Penn and Teller new eps started on ABC2 a couple of weeks back.

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