Gone: Airline

Airline flies in and out of Nine's schedule as fast as the Concorde breaking the sound barrier.

easyjet011Nine’s troubled 5pm timeslot undergoes another change as Airline is taken out of the flight schedule to be replaced by Antiques Roadshow as from tonight.

Nine brought the UK fly-on-the-wall series into play just a week ago when it ditched UK factual The Zoo, which in turn replaced Bargain Hunt.

Airline, which does not air in Brisbane, only took 235,000 nationally yesterday.

Recent whispers on Nine’s plans for a “magazine-style show” at 5:30pm suggest the show is now off the boiler.

Antiques Roadshow will now air from 5-6pm except in Brisbane where it remains airing from 5-5:30pm before Extra.

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  1. I don’t know why 9 hasn’t tried a family gameshow that isn’t Family Feud.

    Double Dare?
    Family Double Dare?

    The Guts option interests me as I enjoyed the recent revival as “My Family’s Got Guts” on pay. I always wondered if a Australian version would take off…

  2. Its quite annoying. I use to watch Bargain Hunt, than when it stopped i started watching Airline, and i found it a pretty funny show. Than today when i went to watch Airline, the Antiques Roadshow started and im like its back to the old ways. Don’t know why they just didn’t leave Antiques Roadshow there in the first place.

  3. TV guides to show this timeslot as “will change each week”
    Nine considering to show test pattern between 5 and 6 pm to see if anyone notices.
    Maybe Nine should show childrens programmes between 5 and 6 or give a show a run of 3 weeks solid to see if people will stick.At the moment only very loyal Nine followers will watch.

  4. Brisbane’s got the ultimate push for 9 News. Not the cheesy Bill Busters promotion, but the upcoming state election, that traditionally, 9 covers well (usually going from the tallyroom and screening debates), compared to 7 with their wasted statewide access…

  5. Why 1 hour of Antiques. Honestly. They have so much more they can show at 5pm. I still think something like Bewitched, Jeannie or Brady Bunch could do better, while Seinfeld or Frasier are also not bad ideas either. Entertainment for the whole family, and generally kid friendly as well. unlike Antiques which is an older market.

  6. the “magazine style show” will almost definitely not happen in sydney. atleast not at the same time as melbournes. but the melbourne one still has a chance because money has already been put into it. the only chance the sydney one has is if the melbourne one is a big sucess.

    i guess that is not the ideal situation because antiques seems to work ok in melbourne and sydney is the one that needs the news lead in. which i assume is why there are whispers that it is still under question.

  7. Maybe since Seinfeld has been banished from late night they could play at 5pm to burn off the HD copies?

    OT – I was going to buy the DVDs but have heard rumors of a BluRay version to be released soon in the new HD format.

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