Johanna Griggs joins Lifestyle on 7TWO

Better Homes and Gardens host Johanna Griggs will join with Tom Williams to present a slate of lifestyle programming on 7TWO.

Better Homes and Gardens host Johanna Griggs will join with Tom Williams to present a slate of lifestyle programming on 7TWO.

‘Lifestyle on 7TWO’ will air every Friday and Sunday night from Friday February 11th with international lifestyle shows on travel, health and fashion makeovers, bargain hunting, buying real estate, re-decorating and cooking.

“Television has never been more exciting than it is right now, with so many options for viewers. I’m rapt to be working with Tom again, helping guide viewers through thegreat lifestyle programs 7TWO has to offer,” says Griggs.

“We’ve got some great programmes lined-up, so it’s a fantastic way to start and finish the weekend for all the budding chefs, adventurers and decorators out there,” says former The Great Outdoors presenter Tom Williams.

This month’s titles include Bargain Hunt, Escape To The Country, 60 Minute Makeover, Living In The Sun, Live The Dream: As Seen On Screen, Escape To The Sun, Restaurant In Our Living Room and more.

Escape to the Country begins 8:45pm this Friday night.

Williams has been a 7TWO identity since the channel’s 2009 launch.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoy the wonderful English shows being produced on 72. They bring wonderful and meaningful entertainment into the home. However, I am pleased and relieved to note that Johanna Griggs has been removed from introducing the shows. Her voice is so irritating and has no place among English productions and she is really aggravating and coarse. Congratulations on having removed her from her (useless) commentating. Her voice is far from fitting in with the English class.
    Thank you. Judith

  2. Could someone tell me what use is Joanna & Tom in gatecrashing other peoples show???? Why are they necessary…..the shows are made in England with their own Hoast….so why steel their thunder with the Jo/Tom crap???

  3. I love the lifetyle shows on Friday and Sunday nights, but I wish How Not To Decorate was among the mix. Even repeats would be appreciated as the show is entertaining as well as giving good ideas for home decorators.

  4. I agree with Bella’s first comment, but should also include how not to decorate, but Why is the joanne thing talking about the shows beforehand, we know what they are, we don’t need her screaching at us before each show. I delibrately don’t watch better homes and gardens because it treats people like imbeciles, leave the classy English shows alone…. thanks

  5. Still not very happy with this. I found them too annoying. The introductions and then aftewards their comments etc … It’s just all very weird. Plus alot of these shows are on quite late for some of their target market. As on Friday Living in the Sun finished at midnight.

    I still think 7two should change their line up for Fridays to;

    6pm – A House in …
    6:30pm – Bargain Hun
    7:30pm – Escape to the Country
    8:30pm – 60 Minute Makeover
    9:30pm – Living in the Sun
    10:30pm Late night movie or something

  6. Let’s hope this move is in preparation for Better Homes & Gardens to make a permanent move to 7TWO. The AFL isn’t going to put up with delayed Friday NIght Football for much longer…

  7. “Chris says: 7 February 2011 at 5:57 pm

    More rubbish prgramming from 7 two. Crap for old people. Old British shows and old lifestyle shows.”

    Whoa Chris young mate, I resemble that remark, I’m an old people and I wouldn’t watch that crap or any other crap currently airing on the commercial networks, boring, repetitive and just deadset not entertaining, some of my shows are The Cape, Human Target, Smallville, Supernatural, Sanctuary, Fringe, Warehouse 13, Eureka, The Gates, The Event et cetera, et cetera, et cetra and yep, most pommy drama

  8. More rubbish prgramming from 7 two. Crap for old people. Old British shows and old lifestyle shows.

    Could they prodcue their own content or show contemporary scripted prgramming that people can actually watch.

  9. Is this showing the commercial networks aren’t serious about multichannels? They were they would be making New and Local content rather than dressing old international mutton shows as lamb.

  10. Ummmmm …. the Friday line up has been on for about a year now. Hardly new. I really don’t need Johanna and Tom explaining to me what Escape to the Country is about ….. While I do enjoy the shows some are 4 – 6 years old.

  11. I disagree I like having the presenters.

    I mean I don’t watch a whole lot but having presenters gives it a more local feel I think; it shows networks are dedicated to the digital channels.

    7TWO Started off with zero direction and shows being ripped everywhere around the schedule but its finally has its target market and it is doing a fine job of keeping them there; its got real focus now. Much like 7Mate which is also very clearly defined. 7 have finally given due respect to digital channels.

    10’s digitals are also very clearly focused and are treated well.

    Over at 9 though Go is tweaked daily to optimise that nights ratings “Another Big Bang episode” however Gem seems to have a more defined schedule and target with a more stable slate of programming too.

  12. I dont understand why they need presenters to introduce these shows… It isnt needed.
    Ohh and ELEVEN, please get rid of Lab and Steve or whatever their names are, they are not funny and waste time.

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