Better Homes and Gardens: Countdown to Carols

Better Homes team gets you in the mood for Carols in a Saturday night special.

Better Homes and Gardens screens a 30 minute Countdown to Carols special this Saturday ahead of Carols in the Domain.

During the countdown, host Johanna Griggs meets Wes Poldan from Woolworths, who embodies the Christmas spirt of giving through his fundraising efforts with St. Giles: Tasmania’s largest charity for children with disabilities. Wes will also show Joh a mini-Woolworths that’s set-up to simulate the real deal and educate the children for future employment possibilities.

Better Homes and Gardens’ two resident Italians, Adam Dovile and Karen Martini, get together to give the Christmas trifle their very own touch. Karen is using panettone, a delicious sweet Italian bread, plus lots of summer fruit to make a flavour-filled trifle that comes together in minutes with help – and possibly a little hindrance – from Adam along the way.

Graham Ross show you how to drought-proof your garden, from conserving water to improving plant health as we prepare for a dry summer.

In 2024, Adam and Melissa King will be setting sail on the South China Sea for a jam-packed tour of Asia, and they’re ending the year with a sneak peek of their epic adventure! Experiencing it all, Adam and Melissa will be island-hopping through the Philippines, including a stop at the idyllic Boracay Island. Plus, deep in Borneo’s wetlands, the pair will encounter one of the world’s most unique animals: the proboscis monkey. They’ll also visit a subterranean river park that’s recognised as one of the Seven Wonders of Nature and check out the stunning rural landscapes of Central Vietnam.

7.00pm Saturday, 23 December on Seven.

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