Good News Week: guests

gina-rileyUPDATED: A change of line-up on March 9 sees Gina Riley and Bob Downe out with Frank Woodley and Amanda Palmer in instead.

TEN’s Good News Week has announced upcoming guests for its next batch of programmes.

On March 2nd they are Danny Bhoy, Kitty Flanagan, Bondi Vet‘s Dr Chris Brown and Fiona O’Loughlin. Special Guest will be 2008 Australian Idol winner Wes Carr.

And on 9th March none other that Gina Riley and Mark Trevorrow will be on the same bill. Bound to be a bit of campery all round.

Riley and Trevorrow go way back to their days acting together at St Martin’s Youth Theatre in the 1970s.

Also joining them are Jimeoin and Cal Wilson.


  1. While it may have been a joke, I used to like Magda, but after her rant about cyclists, you have lost one audience member and I have lost my liking for Magda. Cycling helps people loose weight, is good for the planet, and it would have been good to have a joke against car drivers who intimidate cyclists.

    You would think as a person who has lost alot of weight Magda would not attack people who do something good for the planet, and that helps them lose weight.
    Sure is was a joke, but as someone who rides regularly for transport, and believes it is good for the planet, good for peoples health, etc, it is not a good add for Jenny Craig, your show and as I have said I have now lost my respect for Magda.

  2. I wonder why Bob & Gina didn’t end up on the show? I hope they agree to come back later, it wasn’t nearly as funny as I thought it should be 🙁

  3. Where did you find out who the guests on their shows are, it’s not on their website and I wanted to know who was on the show tonight [16th, March 2009]

  4. GNW is a fantastic show, and thank goodness they have the full episodes on their website – otherwise I’d never be able to watch it (I don’t think it gets shown in Reg. WA). To anyone who thinks the show isn’t as good as when it was on the ABC – please give it a go. I’m annoyed at ABC-lovers who bag out shows that move from the ABC to commercial TV. Kath and Kim’s “Seven” season was very good, and GNW was still exceptionally funny on Ten when it moved originally. Ten just leant on it too much (I think for a time there, GNW was on 3 times a week).
    Kitty Flanagan was hilarious on it last year (might have been on the same ep as Julie Bishop), Danny Bhoy and Gina Riley on the same ep will be worth a watch as well!!!

  5. GNW is a pretty good show – really good segments as well with quality guests. However I am not surprised that it doesn’t rate that well. After all, it is up against Underbelly.

  6. GNW is probably one of Ten’s best programmes, even if it doesn’t get the ratings it deserves. If they get rid of it, what else will they have?

    I can’t wait, and I love Kitty Flannigan too!! Wes Carr on the other hand…

  7. What’s happening with S5 Kath & Kim?

    They said they were working on it as an apology for their part in the American version but now Magda Szubanski seems determined to drag it through the mud.

    I saw, only a clip as I’d not waste any real time on current affairs programmes, her blaming the role of Sharon for keeping her fat… please. For putting you in that nice house you’re filming in.

  8. only lower ratings this year due to underbelly up againest and i think ten know this is the case… last year it was averaging 900,000, and i believe it got over a million viewers sometimes, so i dont think ten will give up on it yet…

  9. Wow that sounds awesome! I remember the good old days of GNW Nite-Lite whenever Mark Trevorrow would be on he’d break out into song… one particular memorable song was the “You’re just too good to be true…” song that I can’t remember the name of. With Gina’s singing ability as well as Paul’s, its sounding like it’ll be a cracker of a night!

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