No law in this TV order

Here's a question without notice...

police_lightsSo which show will blatantly boast that it breaks “a whole bunch of Federal, State and Local Laws?”

Coming soon…

Update: Guerilla Gardeners is correct.

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  1. Looks like a show for wayward footballers to let off steam in the yards of strangers.

    A show to bring to all us of what they’ve been doing for years. Just replace steam with taking a pi…..

  2. ch 9’s next top programmer hahaha! brilliant! the thing is if they actually did that’d, they’d probably find a much better and more qualified person than the lot that are running it at present. Gyngell can stay coz he’s funny, but they should give the rest the boot, particularly to the ponce who decided to put Mentalist back on Wednesdays and 2.5 men on 8x a week. What is that seriously I can’t believe someone was brainless enough to do that, but if any network would do it, its Nine.

    As for Guerilla Gardeners being the radical illegal show, it sounds like a tryhard Domestic Blitz team that will do amazingly rebellious things like going past water restrictions and trimming hedges that belong to the neighbours. No law indeed!

  3. from the ads i’ve seen it is guerilla gardeners, one ad says something along the lines of breaking the law for the right reasons or something. so how are they avoiding prosecution then? just hoping people are happy with the makeover and don’t press charges?

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