Returning: Airline. Gone: Bargain Hunt

Nine fiddles with its 5pm slot again, flying in repeats of the UK series around low-cost carrier easyJet.

easyjet01Nine has removed Bargain Hunt from its schedule as from Monday.

At 5pm it will screen repeats of British observational series Airline, filmed around the low-cost carrier easyJet.

Nine has been fiddling with its pre-News slot this year, trialling NZ series The Zoo, including switches to its starting time. It didn’t last longer than a week.

Meanwhile we await further advice on speculation of new locally produced shows for Sydney and Melbourne at 5:30pm.

The news isn’t all bad. While Seven News has been winning nationally, Nine News has closed the gap on its rival. In Melbourne it has won News each night this week, but the Sydney picture still favours Ian Ross.

This change applies to TCN and GTV so far.

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  1. No ali, enough Malcolm In The Middle. I would show Bewitched at 5pm. Besides Malcolm is PG as is Just Shoot Me. Why waste money re-editing these to G when Bewitched is already G rated and ideal for this timeslot.

  2. Yes good idea! Brady Bunch, happy days, bewitched, i dream of jeanie, gilligans island, the odd couple, hogans heroes, threes company, cosby show. Sooooo many possible options its not funny. Seinfeld or Just shoot me would even be good. Enjoying the first season of Just shoot me atm, but its on way too late, they play them at frickin 11:30 at night, 5:00 would be heaps better

  3. You’ve finally posted something I agree with AndyB!

    Would love to see old classics like those mentioned & Nine could tap into the same demo that Ch7 do with MASH.

    Happy Days would be ideal if they had the rights.

  4. you can always count on me craig, if we keep track of the “adjustments” the list may fall off the end of the page, so we’ll cut it down to just show cuts.

    shows scheduled to air during ratings to be cut tally:
    ABC: –
    SBS: –
    7: –
    9: – the big bang theory, ramsay’s kitchen nightmares USA, CSI:NY, RPA, weeds, bargain hunt
    10: –

    it’s probably only a matter of hours before something is done about flashpoint ch9 said they would quickly cut the “dog” shows and flashpoint definitely is one.

    as for this i thought bargain hunt was a good idea taking most of the antiques audience from when it was an hour long. if the zoo and BH didn’t work i’m not sure what makes them think airline will. maybe it’s time to move into kids shows at 5:00?

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