Returning: The Footy Show

footyshow1After its controversial year on television in 2008, Nine’s AFL Footy Show is returning next month.

The show is back on March 12th with Gary Lyon, James Brayshaw and Sam Newman. But with Trevor Marmalade no longer part of the team. Billy Brownless and Craig Hutchison are also named as two more regulars.

This year the Footy Show will also have a new set.

Meanwhile the NRL Footy Show is also back on March 12 Paul “Fatty” Vautin, Matty Johns and Andrew Voss. The NRL code show has also undergone change after Paul “The Chief” Harragon quit in January following a revamp by the network.

Both shows air at 9:30pm in their primary markets.


  1. Yeah! another success for the Footy Show… lets blind 2 players and get them to grope a bikin clad female… You guys just don’t get it do you? How do you think their families / wives / girlfriends / family felt about that skit? Did the players feel humiliated? If they have any decency they should have. What happens between consenting behind close doors is a bit different to puting the players in this situation. You have said many times on the show warning young players about these situations and here you go deliberating putting players in it… literally. I say Sack the ‘female sensitivity’ trainers, sack whoever organised the skit and hey fatty whay don’t we blindfold you to grope a near naked woman in front of your wife and kids…would they enjoy that? I have followed manly and your career since 1974, I know it doesn;t mean anything to you, but no more. i’m sick of the anti sexist talks and No action. Well NRL!!!

  2. Michelle Eaton

    Hi Guys, I feel your footy show is going down hill. The material that is presented fails to be football orientated. sex only and very offensive. I used to enjoy the show when you covered more football in the show. (Sam) , You let him go on and on and on about utter rubbish ! Most of the material should be censoured. Sorry very disappointing You are all suppose to be grown men, some with families, not naughty boys having fun on facebook..I will not be watching again until you change your show to a good footy family orientated show. Before and After the game can do it! Also James B footy show can do it also! Warm Regards Michelle

  3. AFL footy show still does quite strongly in Melbourne, even if the national figures are somewhat weaker. This year shall be a good test of how much The AFL Footy Show has left in the tank

  4. As they’re now being regularly beaten by Ten and Seven, both the NRL and AFL shows should’ve been (and still should be) moved to a 10.30 pm timeslot.

  5. Now that hosting gets makeover, what about content.
    Sydneysiders keep saying NRL show not in right style for them.
    Here is Melb it becomes too much of a mates show and the emphasis is not on what matters – Footy.
    I see Thursday night as big chance for Ten & Seven to pinch Nine’s dwindling audience.

  6. Thursday nights would be the perfect night for 9 to start offering true alternative programming over 3 channels to keep good share of viewers overall. Something like (Sydney market):
    9 main: NRL show
    9 SD2: AFL show – there are AFL fans in non-AFL markets as well who should not have to wait until 11pm or so for the delayed broadcast.
    9HD: ER, or a first to FTA movie, or something else that people who don’t care about football can watch…
    In AFL markets like VIC, swap around 9 main and 9 SD2. Easy!

  7. The NRL Footy Show will be a show I take note of this year. I’ve got it on my predicted floperella short list. Absolutely pales in comparison to the AFL Footy Show.

  8. Slight correction David, its Paul “The Chief” Harragon. Also, will Vossy be a permanent panel member? This is the first time I have heard his name attached the Thursday edition of the program.

    • Voss is named in the same sentence as Vautin and Johns in Nine guide:

      Join Paul “Fatty” Vautin, Matty Johns and Andrew Voss for the 2009 Footy Show. The boys bring you all the latest news, views and gossip from the 2009 NRL competition and the wider sporting world in their own unique and humorous style.

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