STW9 News in repeat?

Just as well daily ratings are "preliminary." STW9 News was not factored into national tallies. Here's why.

9winIt’s just as well daily ratings figures are flagged as “preliminary.”

Not only were Sunday’s News bulletins longer in some states, but to make life even more complicated, STW9 News figures were not added into total preliminary figures for Nine.

STW9 Perth News is believed to have had a preliminary figure of 180,000, which in theory would take Nine News‘ national total to 2.064m and #1 for the evening. That’s also ahead of the figure issued for Seven News of 1.903m.

And the reason it wasn’t factored in?

It was marked as a “repeat.”

Yup, it’s the first day of official ratings and a mistake like that means there was one figure for Nine News and another for Nine News “repeat.”

Networks not OzTAM code their programming, meaning the error is suspected to have been made by STW9, part of WIN Television.

And one last time for the sake of clarity: all figures are preliminary!

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  1. Mac daily ratings figures are always adjusted to reflect what actually aired. This happens every week. The preliminary data reflects what was intended to air according to network plans. So when a show runs overtime its preliminary figure (ie daily rating result) won’t factor in the overrun. This is normal practice across the industry. Each Monday the Weekly Top 100 is added to a ratings week which is the final figure.

  2. 180,000? I don’t think so.
    80,000 is WINSTW9’s usual.
    Sunday 25/1 (recall Oztam’s batteries went flat on 1/2) figures for Perth 6pm News were:
    Seven 209,000 (175,000 on 18/1)
    Nine 70,000 (88,000 on 18/1 with Cricket lead-in)
    Take TVW7’s figure, halve it and deduct 10%. LOL

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