Sunday Night answers an All In Call

adam-boland-and-mark-llewellynEXCLUSIVE: Adam Boland and Mark Llewellyn’s new venture Sunday Night may go to air live at 6:30pm this Sunday night, but it’s not the only show the two will have to deliver.

Immediately after Sunday Night’s screening a live, unscripted follow-up programme will air on 7HD.

The All In Call will see hosts, producers, reporters and guests taking questions from the audience, both live in studio and online, about the night’s show.

“It’s live from our Sunday Night studio as a continuing, unscripted event,” Adam Boland told TV Tonight. “Essentially what will happen is the hosts will stay on set, along with any reporters from that particular show as well as any key talent.

“So for example on the first episode we’re doing our investigation into the death of Britt Lapthorne. Her parents will be on set with Ross Coulthart, the investigator, and taking questions from our studio audience as well as anyone from home via a phone number and website.”

Airing for thirty minutes and breaking away from Border Security on Seven’s standard digital channel, there will be just one commercial break on 7HD.

Viewers can also watch The All In Call on Yahoo via a live stream.

“Rather than just allow the stories to disappear into the galaxy this allows the audience to have more of a role,” he said. “It’s about accountability for us. Viewers should have more of a talk back to us, and we’ve learned that in the Sunrise experience. Beyond that it will also help answer any unanswered questions posed in the reports themselves.”

7HD has been experimenting with original programming in short spurts, including This is Your Laugh with Andrew O’Keefe and The Night Cap, another venture from Boland.

Boland and Llewellyn dreamt up the new concept when looking for ways to involve the audience.

Sunrise gets about 8000 emails a day and people like having the conversation. We were looking at a way of doing it ourselves and then it struck us we have these other applications that we can use. To some extent that’s what they’re there for.

“TV should never be seen anymore as just a box in the corner. We have to get into the real world and the reality is the audience has views and wants to talk to us. And if shows don’t listen to the audience they shouldn’t be on air. This show will listen to the audience as two way traffic.”

Boland fully expects a healthy debate on some topics, including criticisms levelled at stories.

“If the reporters can’t defend their own reports we’ve got a serious problem. It’s not one of those shows where we’re going to be doing what we want and signing off.  We want to entertain, we want to inform -they’re two basic principles of this show. But this will be an accountable show.”

So far the main media attention has been on a Sunday Night / 60 Minutes battle of sorts, but Boland is excited at the prospect of a flexible, open forum taking steps in innovative television.

“A tech-savvy audience will really get into this.”

The All In Call airs 7:30pm Sunday night on 7HD following Sunday Night on Seven.


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  2. Their promo is on youtube and is getting masses of hits from croatia.
    maybe the story will restart the local police looking? Big hopes for a first night out.

  3. It will be dumb downed like every thing else on Ch7. Ch7 Sydney News – Did anyone see their lead story on the stimulus package – a reporter in “Broke” town and “bonus street”. Oh my god – they should replace Ian Ross with Humphrey B Bear. It’s downright insulting.

  4. much like the nightcap, they too had streaming online for those without HD and invited people to call or jump on the forum. i watched that but never actually participated and they did have a fair bit of trouble getting other people to as well. but earlier in the night more people would be watching so this one is more likely to get responses. i may actually watch sunday night now because it indicates that the stories will actually have some quality, if journalists are willing to back them up they can’t really run today tonight type stories. although i still doubt i’ll be one who actually participates, but then again being in qld i couldn’t really even if i wanted to, i’m not into it enough to watch online i don’t think.

  5. Seven will have to promote the new show early so that viewers in Queensland, SA, WA and NT can have a chance to ask questions (due to time differences, The All In Call will be shown on delay in these regions).

  6. I can’t help but think that this extra add on to Sunday Night gives it more accessability and potentially credability than 60 Minutes due to its openness. If only the drivel of TT and ACA were so open, then they might finally hear what people think and then operate to a better standard.

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