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Veteran charactor actor Reg Evans, who appeared in countless Australian series, dies in Victorian fires.

reg-evans1The Herald Sun has noted the death of character actor Reg Evans, 80, in Victorian bushfires.

An English migrant, Evans was born in 1928, started in television in 1964 on Consider Your Verdict, and worked on many Australian series: Skippy, Division Four, Matlock Police, Power Without Glory, Homicide, The Sullivans, Skyways, Are You Being Served, Prisoner, The Flying Doctors, Snowy River, MDA, Seachange, Something in the Air and Blue Heelers.

His film career includes Mad Dog Morgan, Mad Max, Manganinnie, Women of the Sun, Gallipoli, Kitty and the Bagman, Strikebound, Evil Angels, Celia, Japanese Story and The Honourable Wally Norman.

Screen Hub reports, “Police have confirmed that Reg Evans and his partner Angela are both deceased. He was helping a neighbour fight the fire. The neighbour realised it was impossible and suggested they flee. The neighbour got to his car and found Reg wasn’t with him.”

His agent Jacinta Waters yesterday said Evans was still heavily active in the arts, completing a feature role recently with Paul Hogan for the film Charlie & Boots.

Evans was helping an amateur theatre group last Thursday before he arrived at a friend’s home at St Andrews.

The death toll from the bushfires currently stands at 181.

Source: Herald Sun, Screen Hub

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  1. Thank you for all the well wishes. To me he was just my Dad and I loved him dearly and will miss him so much. It has been heart-warming to hear the way he touched so many other lives as well – expecially those in the St Andrews community where he lived and those who followed his career.

  2. A sad loss to Australia but I would like to correct your article slightly. Reg Evans was a Welsh and not English migrant and extremely proud of his Welsh roots. He was even a member of the Welsh political party Plaid Cymru and the tragic passing of him and his partner was mentioned in both the Welsh media and in the party’s internal newapaper.

  3. Tony Schmidt, Graham Watt and I both worked with Reg when he came to Australia back in the late 1950’s in Maryborough at Radio 4MB. He was a very talented guy and one of the radio shows that we did which was Reg’s idea was “With a Smile and a Song” comedy and music. Reg also wrote a song called The Wog and one day i played a tape of it to Reg Lindsay while he was on a visit to Maryborough. Some months later it was released as a 45 rpm record. In winter when radio reception was good Reg and I used to dial-twiddle to see if we could find a radio station playing The Wog. I think we heard it once. Ten years ago I was compere of a Local Government Dinner in Bundaberg and Reg’s former wife Jean came over to me and we had a chat about our 4MB days Jean was a councillor on the Dalby Council. Reg lived life to the fullest and was a fun guy to be with.

  4. i remember reg in mad max his character stood out like someone else on this page said, you can remember his face but wheren’t sure where from we have relatives is australia hope to god that they are ok, and send our deepest simpathies to all who have lost someone in these horrendous fires including reg’s family. just goes to show global warminng is real and costing lives.
    over here in britain we had bitterly cold weather ,shame we couldn’t blow it over to you
    hope you guys get the goverment to get of their backsides and help
    best wishes for everyone from the uk

  5. Our sympathies to the family and friends of those who have lost loved ones in this national tragedy for Australia and to all those survivors impacted, you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. Reg was a great friend of my in-laws Gordon and Ruby Pevitt before their deaths, and as such I also got to know him as a great guy, a fun fella and someone to be trusted. He was my father-in-law’s confidante many times over the years and was also there for me at a time in my life when I needed someone to listen.
    RIP Reg .. there’s no way you will be forgotten, how could you be with the wonderful screen legacies you have left. Our sympathy to Reg’s family and to his partners family, you have lost someone precious.. from Yvonne and Lisa

  7. So sad to hear that Reg and Angela were victims of these fires… I followed Reg for a fair bit of his career and loved his work! He will be greatly missed by us all!

    Our condolences to his family and friends.


  8. So sorry to have this tragic news confirmed. I first saw Reg on stage in King Lear in 1978 and he lived in the area where I grew up. I often saw him in the local area as well as on-screen. My sympathies to all who knew and loved Reg and his partner.

  9. May both Reg and his wife Rest In Peace. Ive seen Reg in several things over the years …. Blue Heelers is the one i remember the most. … a talent sadly lost … condolences to his friends and families

  10. I’ve seen Reg Evans in many things over the years.

    He was one of those character actors that you knew you’d seen him somewhere before but could never remember where.

    A tragic loss in a massive tragedy.

    Vale Reg – your legacy will live on in the above tv shows.

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