Death becomes TV

Spoiler: US shows are bumping off characters left, right and centre. Here's the list of shows in question.

grimreaper1Spoiler, spoiler, spoiler.

American shows are bumpin’ off characters left, right and centre.

Several will be major characters. While many are in yet to air season finales, one has already done so in an episode yet to air in Oz. And another will kill off a regular this week  in the US.

EW.com has put together a cluey little list, which details shows, hints at characters and even announces one definite (big spoiler there).

To help you figure out if it’s worth a visit or not, I’ll list the shows in question but no more info.

In no particular order they are: CSI: NY, 24, Chuck, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Law & Order: SVU, Big Love, Supernatural, Lost, Ghost Whisperer and Prison Break.

Ok now you can’t help yourself, right?

Given this thread is clearly identified as a spoiler story, feel free to discuss these shows in the comments below.

Source: EW.com

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  1. Heroe’s, i think they’re going to try and restructure the show to work on having the next and final season as good as it can be. Makes sense they kill off some.

    Chuck… interesting, i read a while back that they were writing the rest of the season, assuming they probably won’t get a third, just to wrap some stuff up, accelerate plans they would normally of done down the track. Such as another characters learning about chuck. Which i assume is Morgan?? However a death doesn’t fit in with that, and I really don’t know who they could kill.

    Lost, I really like where the characters are now. They’ve gotten rid off all the excess who have served their purpose. The picture of Desmond there.. they can’t kill him.. he’s one of the best characters on the show, but i think that’s just assuming its desmond and penny.. There’s the theme of love ending too soon in the show, so maybe penny which gets desmond back to the island for revenge after he said he never would go back. Otherwise only majorish is, Juliet they could easily bump off.

    Prison Break… yeah I don’t think I buy that, this is the final season and is meant to wrap the whole thing up, with the whole plot involving trying to break free of everything, and live normal lives as they’ve still always been trapped, ending on a tragedy would really suck.

  2. David @ Green Point – surely President Palmer isn’t still alive? Did the clock tick silently for him when he died? Now that was a shocker of a moment. On recall I don’t think it did tick at all because his death didn’t go straight to an ad break. So anything’s possible. I checked for the silent clock ticking for Bill, so he’s definitely finished on 24.

    Season 7 of 24 has been great, and the last few episodes in particular, extremely nailbiting. I can’t imagine any eps topping the last few, but I can’t wait to see if that’s true!

  3. I only watch and care about CSI:NY. After a visit to the imdb board no one seems to know but the prevailing wisdom is that it’s perhaps Lindsay. This would crush Danny:(

    One or two of the actors have also signed onto other projects so could be one of them. I hope it’s one of the minor characters and not one of our beloved CSIs!

  4. Not so much as who dies in this season’s 24, (“poor Bill is dead”) – I reckon theres a real curve-ball coming with the return of one who is already dead. Amazon.com have listed Season 7 as ‘coming soon – order your copy now’… and there’s a v-e-r-y intersting listing of a cast member… who’s character was assassinated in season 3 or 4. No clues on the 24 website either. Will just have to wait… but this season has returned to the better days.

  5. Will be very interesting to see what happens from now – up until the season finales of some shows. I myself am only following 24 (from what i have read online, the 18 – 24 episode arc is excellent), but also have a keen interest in seeing how ER wraps up. Grey’s Anatomy is another i’ll be keeping an eye on, all of the bru-haha in recent times with certain cast members looking at leaving… will be interesting to see if they get their way (according to gossip sites) or if they’ll be kept quiet with a pay increase and stay on.

  6. LOL John that would have been so fun to see given Lara Flynn Boyle is such a rake, that it’s so plausible a gust of wind would have taken her away.

    Is the 24 death Bill Buchanan? That so shocked me, I had to rewind it just to see if my eyes weren’t deceiving me. Oh, on reading the EW article it says it’s for the end of season, so my money is on Jack’s daughter Kim. I believe I read ages back she’d come in for a few eps of S7, and the President’s recent words to Jack about his and her daughters were a little telling. And poor Chloe has to bite the dust at some point! (Noooooo!)

    I think the Ghost Whisperer death is someone other than Jim, because it’s an end of season death they’re referring to – and Jim, as Channel 7 has so ratings grabbingly warned us, will die in this Thursday’s episode…get out the Kleenex!

    It will be sad to see Edie go…but what a way to go if the rumours are true…

  7. @ tony – in fairness, everytime there’s an add for GW (and a lot of other shows on other channels – I’m looking at you C10), the advertisement for next weeks show is usually something like “is this the one where he/she loses everything” / “it’s the one that changes everything” / “you’ll never believe what happens” etc etc etc…….

    and then there’s having adverts that have prettymuch nothing to do with the episode…..like making up a different plot completely

  8. If the plot for Edie’s rumoured death on Desperate Housewives is actually true, which for those of you who don’t know:

    Edie’s deranged husband attempts to kill her but instead she kills him I believe it went and then as she is escaping she drives into a telegraph pole and is electrocuted.

    If this is how she leaves it actually sounds quite exciting. Final which is unforunate since her character is arguably the most entertaining when written well.

    Looking to the past I adored Lara Flynn Boyle’s season of Las Vegas and her death was very memorable. Wearing a kimono style long sleaved top she confronted Danny on the roof of the casino when a gust of wind blew her up into the air and over the casino roof.

    Brilliant hehehe

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