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saved-6Next month SBS will premiere a new telemovie starring Claudia Karvan.

Saved is directed by Tony Ayres (Walking on Water, The Home Song Stories, Sadness) and features Osamah Sami, Andy Rodoreda, Maria Theodorakis, Beverley Dunn, Elise McCreadie, Neil Meville and Sue Jones.

Sami plays an Iranian detainee who develops a complex relationship with Julia (Karvan), a young mother trying to come to terms with the loss of her new born to SIDS.

Looking for distraction, Julia becomes an advocate for detainees at a Detention Centre where she meets Amir (Sami), an asylum seeker.






saved-4Ayres descibes the film as a sophisticated adult drama.

“Claudia brings to her performance a combination of both beauty and ‘realness.’ This makes her someone who audiences, particularly women, can feel an immediate connection to. Whilst Julia doesn’t always behave nobly, there is an unswerving honesty in Claudia’s depiction of her which makes her understandable, and to this end, she is someone we can feel empathy with,” he said.

Saved premieres 8:30pm Sunday April 12th on SBS.

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