Airdate: Saved


Next week Seven begins Saved, a dramatised documentary series in which a split decision by a total stranger is the moment between life and death for somebody else.

This is a 4 part series which premiered in the UK in 2015.

Telling the inspirational stories of ordinary people who woke up to what seemed like a typical day, blissfully unaware of the fact it could have been their last. Could have been, that is, but for the quick-thinking, big-hearted courage of total strangers. Strangers who made a split second decision to act and, ultimately, made the difference between life and death. In this first episode, a routine parachute jump goes drastically wrong for a group of six parachutists when one of the jumpers gets his foot tangled in a rope as he jumps from the plane, leaving him hanging upside down from the aircraft as it flies thousands of feet up in the sky.

10:10pm Thursday on Seven.

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