Let’s Make a Deal, Eddie.

emcgIf last night’s pilot at Channel Nine is anything to go by, Eddie McGuire could be back to being ‘Eddie Everywhere.’

McGuire hosted a pilot of the trusty game show Let’s Make a Deal in the Richmond studios with Scott Brennan as voice over guy.

The Nine host has already been announced to front a returning version of Millionaire to be known as Millionaire Hot Seat.

So is Nine really wanting to get their money’s worth? Not necessarily. TV Tonight understands the studio was home to another pilot of the game show this week with another host: James Tobin.

The cheery Tobin has been a Seven personality, notably on Sunrise. But the recordings may have been part of a push by FremantleMedia to put the game show back on its feet. A Tobin-hosted pilot could be used to shop the format in the European market.

Let’s Make a Deal, which sees contestants having to choose between mystery prizes, was last on air in Australia on the TEN Network, hosted by comedian Vince Sorrenti.

If McGuire did end uphosting Deal (the other one) and Millionaire, it still wouldn’t topple Andrew O’Keefe’s simultaneous Deal / Rich List / Weekend Sunrise triple threat. But could the two hosts meet head on at 5:30pm?

For the record, reports are McGuire breezed through the pilot.


  1. Counterpoint

    Zambora: “why not give Eddie a decent show- even something different (hosting current affairs)”

    Wasn’t he a stand-in host for ACA a while ago? I didn’t see a measureable amount of him to form a judgement; someone who has could better decide whether he should keep doing it.

  2. Game shows are not dead, they just have to be easy for the audience to follow, enjoyable to watch and usually it helps if you can “play at home” like answering questions, etc. Recent attempts at games shows have been either too complicated to follow, too stupid to watch or had an inappropriate host.

    Having said that, using the same person to host multiple shows – Eddy or otherwise – is the fastest way to over-expose that person ultimately resulting in viewers split between shows and overall underperformance.

  3. At $5million dollars a year, I would expect Nine will start wanting to get some money for their buck. Remember, Eddie’s salary is the same as many shows which have been given the axe (ie: Sunday and Nightline).

    I’m sure I read somewhere – probably here – that most people in the industry think games shows are dead. In fact, I think it might of been Len Downes – GTV9’s programming manager. But hold on a minute. The GTV9 programming manager is saying game shows are dead, but GTV9 is piloting new game shows. Im confused !!!

  4. Let’s make a deal – oh no !!!
    More Eddie with game show – oh no !!
    Why not try “new host even a female (heaven forbid) and why not give Eddie a decent show- even something different (hosting current affairs)

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