Nine’s Easter programming

chocolateeggsIn keeping with previous posts about programming plans for the Easter non-ratings period, here are the Nine shows you can expect to see in the week of April 5:

Continuing new episodes: 60 Minutes, A Current Affair, Customs, Footy Classified (select markets), World’s Funniest Videos, Commercial Breakdown, Hell’s Kitchen, Bridezillas, What’s Good For You, RPA, The Footy Show, Getaway, Adults Only 20 to 1, The King of Queens, Til’ Death, NRL, Australia’s Funniest Home Videos, Tropfest 2009.

Repeat episodes: Two and a Half Men, Underbelly, Cold Case, 20 to 1.

Movies will also screen including The Shawshank Redemption, The Big Bounce and The Pink Panther.

Melbourne market. Please check local guides closer to date.



  1. Rubbish, all of it.
    Rating period or non rating period, channel 9 has absolutely nothing worth watching.
    I’d choose a blank screen over nine.

  2. Hell’s Kitchen continuing… and then presumably discontinuing immediately the “ratings season” starts up again.

    Aside from that and the Tropfest special, by the way, that list reads like the sort of television they’d serve up to you in hell.

  3. Hey

    Two and a Half Men came through as an amendment. The Tuesday 8:30pm episode is now a repeat. That was sent through on Monday of this week

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