Nine renovates post Easter schedule

Nine spruces up its programming post-Easter with homeMADE, Eleventh Hour, Sea Patrol and Missing Pieces.

brushes_in_paintChannel Nine will premiere its new renovation series homeMADE after the Easter non-ratings break.

Previously titled Home Run, the series is developed by The Chopping Block‘s Julian Cress and David Barbour. Both also created The Block. Interior designers will battle it out as they make over everyday Australian family homes. The homes will be the stage where “the designers will wage war on each other until only one remains and takes out the ultimate prize.”

The series, hosted by Sydney interior designer David Heimann, is expected to be stripped across the 7pm timeslot. Nine promises: “Lucky families. Skilled designers. Over $1 million dollars of renovations. It’s the biggest renovation competition ever. Get ready for absolutely stunning home makeovers spiced with the drama of elimination in a massive new series.”

homeMADE is one of several new series Nine will launch after Easter.

It will be joined by the Jerry Bruckheimer mystery series Eleventh Hour. It stars Rufus Sewell as a biophysicist and Special Science Advisor to the FBI who is brought in to investigate crimes of a scientific or paranormal nature.

Sea Patrol is back with a cliffhanger, in which someone will die. Joining the series, subtitled “Red Gold,” are Jessica Napier, Blair McDonough and Tasma Walton.

Nine also has more ‘blue sky’ television coming.

You Saved My Life will bring look at stories of survival and reunite heroic Australians and the survivors they rescued.

Missing Pieces locates lost friends and relatives, hosted by Peter Overton.

Continuing series will include Underbelly, Domestic Blitz, The Mentalist, Crime Investigation Australia, CSI, 20 to 1, Two and A Half Men and the State of Origin series.

Due later in 2009 are Australia’s Perfect Couple, Random Acts of Kindness, Trouble in Paradise and “high-octane drama” Rescue (previously titled Rescue Squad). There is also more Ladette to Lady, Secret Millionaire, The Farmer Wants a Wife, What’s Good For You, RPA and Celebrity Singing Bee.

Also on the “to do” list are more Flashpoint, Little Britain, Without a Trace and comedy procedural The Unusuals which stars Amber Tamblyn as a cop with a twisted sense of humour.

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  1. I hate to admit this, for fear of copping flack, but I’m actually looking forward to more Sea Patrol…

    If only so I can see Ian Stenlake attempt to act his way out of a paper bag. The term “wooden” doesn’t do that man any justice.

  2. We loved the “Block”- I am sure they have included some new twist to the new “Home Made” program…Really looking forward to something new instead of the same old dramas… Boring..

  3. Couldn’t agree more, tvaddict.

    The whole concept of non-ratings is dated and uncessary especially since you still get ratings figures during this time, advertisers still advertise and viewers still watch TV – sometimes even more than usual.

    I liken the concept to all your favourite shops and restaurents closing for 2 weeks being replaced by dodgy alternatives for that time. Ridiculous. FTA TV bad enough without non-ratings schedule interuptions.

  4. people still watch TV over Holiday breaks, especially in this economy there will be less people going on holidays & even if people go to the beach house or whatever they still watch TV! (specially with Melbs weather it will probably be too cold for night time strolls on the beach) surely the holidays don’t affect ratings that much that they have to piss off regular viewers by interrupting the schedule??

  5. Wow. That is one yawn of a schedule. The only thing remotely interesting in that list is Eleventh Hour, but there’s really no point in watching that as they’ll probably dump it after screening it twice. Gosh, Nine is terrible.

  6. Eleventh Hour is quite a good show, if you can get past the boring pilot. It gets better with each episode. Since i haven’t watched Fringe, i can’t draw comparisons between the two, but Eleventh Hour has scientific conclusions which make sense.

    Of course, i can no longer watch it since i am no longer in the USA……(I’ve never been there)

  7. While I have not watched Sea Patrol my decision is confirmed as right when they need this “Sea Patrol is back with a cliffhanger, in which someone will die.”.

    I have always thought that the mark of a excellent show that is confident in itself, such as a lot of the HBO shows, is the season ends without a ‘cliffhanger’.

    I will watch the 1st few shows of Eleventh Hour and if I like it wait until the DVD’s come out as I cannot rely on channel 9 to show the entire series as they have time and time again.

    Who does channel 9 have Pay TV ties with?

  8. This post is basically a confirmation that seven will win 2009 as well. What a load of rubbish. Just the same old dribble, bottom of the barrel imported shows, rushed and cheap aussie reality/doco shows, same old formats, 1 comedy (2.5 men, ohh yay…), network knock offs (missing pieces, saved my life)

  9. They promised Eleventh Hour for February…and here we are mid March, with April being the earliest we see it. I’m not holding my breath though, we’ve seen how sci fi rates, and then how 9 treat these sort of shows *sigh*

  10. yep same old 9 blah, i won’t watch any, 11th hour might be my cup of tea but after recording and not watching fringe for fear they would axe it and then being proven right, i won’t even bother recording this one. but while we are calling for stuff to come back, primeval is probably top of my list, then weeds and gossip girl. and even though personally i have bought the moonlight dvd i will still say it for all those who haven’t, and btw stocks have sold out all over the place there are plenty of people eagerly awaiting the next batch from warner.

  11. “Eleventh Hour” is a good show. I kind of preferred the UK version with Patrick Stewart, but the Rufus Sewell version is growing on me quite rapidly.

    Oops, should I be admitting to having already watched this show?

  12. Only one I will be watching are RPA and state of origin NSW will thrash QLD I wonder how many of them will be huge flops I would say that homemade and Australia’s perfect couple are almost guaranteed to flop

  13. “…Interior designers will battle it out as they make over everyday Australian family homes. ..”

    I predict by the year 2043 everybody in Oz will have had at least one room or garden made-over by a tv show 😉

  14. brisvega, ur right “11th hour will be gone within a month”

    also 11th hour is made by Americas ABC, which i dont think knows how to make cop/FBI type shows, they should stick to brothers and sisters and show of that gender even so i dont watch any of them

    channel 7 and 9 programing are about the same untill it hit 8:30pm everynight
    then 9 doesnt know what they are doing, i wont be watching homeMADE or most of the other shows, expect underbelly and CI sometimes, i dont get who watches all of these garden/renovation type shows, stick some comedy like big bang theory or buy the office from 10, but i bet 9 will axe that as well.

    “Australia’s Perfect Couple, Random Acts of Kindness, Trouble in Paradise” all sound like the same over 50s shows,

    “high-octane drama” Rescue
    if thats a cop show its gone after 2eps or moved like the mentalist

  15. “11th hour will be gone within a month” + 1

    Im interested in how this show might go, because it’s a remake of an english show which wasn’t meant to be too bad at all. But come on, C9 will drop kick it inside a month.

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