Roberta Williams on Seven

rwillShe has previously had close ties with the Nine Network, but Roberta Williams, former wife of convicted killer Carl Williams will soon be seen on Seven.

Williams will appear in a documentary on Andrew ‘Benji’ Veniamin as part of the series Beyond the Darklands.

The doco is an upcoming episode to be featured in the true-life crime series produced by Screentime – the same makers of Underbelly.

The first episode of Beyond the Darklands looks at Western Australian husband and wife killers David and Catherine Birnie who wreaked terror upon Perth in the 1980s.

As with Crime Investigation Australia it fuses interviews, police footage and some re-enactments. Actor Sam Johnson narrates the first episode. A clinical psychologist, Dr. Leah Giarratano, also tries to provide comment on the couple.

It is unclear whether the interview with Williams is archival or recent.

The series is expected to replace Gangs of Oz which concludes on Wednesday night on Seven.


  1. i don’t think it’s gangland. the premise says it will be a 6 part documantary series that ventures into the mind of a criminal with leading forensic psychologists to answer the question “are australia’s worst criminals born or bain”

    so basically a real life criminal minds show. which is why it is perfect for Wednesday 9:30.

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