TEN orders new 7pm show from Roving Enterprises

Whatever it has planned for the second part of 2009, TEN says it won't be in drama, quiz, reality or sitcom.

rove09It’s not a drama, quiz, reality or repeat sitcom.

So what does Roving Enterprises have in store for TEN’s 7pm timeslot? The company has won the approval of the network and Programming boss David Mott to develop a new show for the second part of 2009.

Presumably this leaves comedy, light entertainment, game show, music and news and current affairs at the top of the list. Or something that fuses several together.

Rove’s production house has landed the plum task of making something of TEN’s troubled 7pm slot, with the secret new show to replace The Biggest Loser and MasterChef Australia later in the year.

“We are thrilled to have won this opportunity to do a brand new show for TEN,” Roving Enterprise’s Craig Campbell said. “Ours has proven to be a very successful partnership – producing a diverse slate of shows – and we can’t wait to get underway with this exciting new show.”

On the back of its long association with Rove, the partnership has seen Skithouse, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?, ARIA Awards, Before the Game, and Real Stories with hosts Hamish and Andy. The two are currently very hot with radio listeners, but could they possibly squeeze in a new 5 night a week show? Other media seem to think so today. It would mean a punishing schedule for the two radio hosts.

Maybe we’re getting a weekly satirical news programme a la Daily Show with Jon Stewart hosted by Elmo?

Last year at 7pm TEN trialled Taken Out from FremantleMedia but it didn’t fire.

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  1. No way will the Today Network allow their radio-golden boys become over-exposed to a weeknightly 7pm series for 3 or so months a year – epecially after their most recent radio ratings show a slide in total market share for their drivetime program

    Both of the boys most know that it’s either this or the radio show – and which is going to allow them the most freedom?

  2. Hey mikey you are not mike Goldman are you I defiantly agree I think BB should be back but maybe a year without it and people will miss if ten dose bring it back in 2010 it will rate better oh well we can only dream

  3. sounds like a good idea havent watch channel 10 7 pm timeslot for a long time, also nice to see something new, not reruns of friends or will and grace that belongs late at night, or in the daytime, not that biggers loser isnt new but its not my thing

  4. Big Brother and Taken Out will remain in the trash where they belong

    But this idea sounds good, it’d be nice to have something fresh in the 7pm slot, soaps, reality shows and 2.5 men aren’t the be all and end all of strip shows. Bring it on

  5. I remember suggesting they should do something with Rove / Roving Enterprises for 7pm months ago. Its a great idea, 7pm should always be original programming, not sitcom repeats like 9 sticks to (and 10 has done before). As long as it is done well, the concept should work well for 10.

  6. Hamish and Andy are more then welcome on the 7pm timeslot, even though i wont be watching. But i can always record to see what they get up to.

    Hamish & Andy > any other Ten show 🙂

  7. A local Daily Show would suck so hard. They should just play the US version if they were to even bother…

    I still think Big Brother should be back this year (and forever more)… =)

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