Third Torchwood series to UKTV

jbThe UKTV Channel has picked up the rights to the third series of Torchwood: Children of Earth.

The series is a five part miniseries which will air in the UK on consecutive nights.

The plot is about a government who struck a deal in the 1960s with an alien race and the consequences of that action.

ABC has re-run rights to the first two seasons of Torchwood, which it will air mid year. No word whether it will win rerun rights on Children of Earth.

The UKTV Channel is BBC owned.

Meanwhile another BBC series, Bruce Parry’s Amazon (6×50′) has been picked up by BBC HD in Australia, and BBC Knowledge in Australia.

Source: C21


  1. Yes!!!!!! thank god channel ten won’t be able to ruin it… and it might be in HD too since BBC HD screens things that are on UK TV and vice versa

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