Syfy joins FetchTV

Subscription TV platform Fetch TV is adding the Syfy channel to its Entertainment pack.

DefianceSubscription TV platform Fetch TV is adding the Syfy channel.

The channel will join the Entertainment Pack at no extra cost to subscribers, with new and classic titles such as Stargate SG-1, Torchwood, Primeval, Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Sanctuary, Ghost Hunters International, Orphan Black and Eureka.

Scott Lorson, CEO Fetch TV, said “Fetch TV is very excited to announce the addition of Syfy to our ever expanding line up of leading channels. We received an unprecedented number of requests to add the Syfy channel, and are delighted to accommodate at no additional costs to our subscribers. We are also pleased to expand our growing partnership with NBCUniversal which now includes E!, Style, CNBC and Syfy.”

Fetch is available through partner ISPs.

5 Responses

  1. I bought austar/foxtel for mum and noticed the sci fi channel seems full of 1970’s batman and gilligans island – hard to get a decent show esp since they cancelled firefly josh should have thrown bigger hissy fit that show rocked I have the movie but…..

  2. Well, if it were the old SF Channel instead of this new SyFy junk, I’d probably seriously consider jumping ship to Fetch. This new channel is a total joke compared to the old one.

  3. For someone like me who watches more movies than sport, and enjoys watching previous eps of current FTA series such as Hawaii Five O, FetchTV is the choice for me.

    I also like the news channels because you can get a broader view of the world than what is offered in Australia.

  4. Coincidently I looked at the offerings for Fetch TV this evening but there really are not that many channels of actual television shows most of them are MTV, news and services that no one would really want to watch. I think until they bring in more more channels I won’t be signing up. I doubt they can get access, but if they had LifeStyle channel and SoHo, those two additions may get me on board.

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