Airdate: Merlin

merlin21As expected, the premiere of Merlin will take place at 6:30pm on Sunday May 3rd.

Starring Merlin stars Colin Morgan, Anthony Head, Richard Wilson and the voice of John Hurt, this CGI adventure series should skew well in the early evening timeslot.

If it does well, maybe Nine could think about bringing Primeval back to our screens too.


  1. Interesting decision from TEN to screen a British fantasy series instead of the usual reality/factual that’s dominating our screens nowadays – and quite fresh seeing as it sounds more ABC than commercial network. I’m not sure if I’ll tune in though, although I may choose to considering that I already watch TEN at 6:30 (in fact, all) Sunday. Anyway, I hope it works for them.

  2. nothing’s going to be in HD anymore on ten except for sports… but yeah..looking forward to it..although.. a 6-30pm time slot…..I think the ratings are going to have to be good enough if ten wants to keep it on that timeslot.

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