Merlin set to spread magic

merlin2TEN has begun on air promotions for UK fantasy drama Merlin, coming in May.

The series which looks at the young wizard in Camelot will launch on Sunday May 3rd, likely to be a 6:30pm timeslot (to be confirmed).

Merlin stars Colin Morgan, Anthony Head, Richard Wilson and the voice of John Hurt.

The adventure drama has been approved for a second series on BBC One.

Should be one to watch.


  1. Merlin is great, i’ve seen all the episodes already.
    it is something for the whole family.
    even though i’ve watched it I’m still going to watch it on TEN.
    i’ll be very disappointed if they change the time slot.
    Every show deserves a period of time to get its ratings, cracking it’s not going to happen overnight,

    but one example is Dexter.
    it was on at a decent time slot; then it was being broadcasted on a completely different day at ridiculous times like 12:00!! i hope Merlin doesn’t suffer the same fate.

  2. Another brilliant series from BBC Wales! They really know how to make the best TV there, takling over from Canada in my opinion …

    I loved every minute of this new series, the only downer was that there were not more shirtless sword fights! A hot and humourous series with a very gay sensibility … now watch 10 mistreat it and shaft it to late at night …


  3. TEN is a joke for promoting new series. I won’t follow any show on any of the three commercial stations ever again. Last year was the last straw.

  4. Too late TEN, far too late, wonderful series, I loved it. So, given that I liked it a lot, and everything I watch never gets a mention in the unworkable ratings system, I suspect it won’t complete it’s 13 ep run and will prolly wind up on FOX8 or ABC1

  5. Love shows like this lets hope 10 dont start shifting it to different slots or dump to non ratings period would be good in HD stupid 10

  6. This is a great series – I have seen all episodes of season 1 – the series really picks up after the first couple of episodes- it is pitched for a family audience- people should also check out the UK Children in Need Sketch at YouTube Very Funny.
    Season 2 will air in UK around October 2009

  7. This would’ve been much better suited to Ten HD, if it still existed. If you look at Ten’s history with fantasy and sci-fi TV shows (Batt Galactica, Smallville, Xena, Hercules), if they don’t regularly deliver the super high one million plus ratings Ten demand of them, Ten ditch them, so this show is likely to probably get aired during the summer recess if Ten quickly ditch it, if it’ll falter in the ratings.

  8. Production wise, it’s a very familiar feel to fans of Torchwood. I thought it was a fun enough family friendly distraction – nothing to be taken too seriously.

  9. i’ll definately be watching, i’ve always liked all variations on the merlin story and i’ve recently been loving robin hood on abc2 after regretably missing the initial run, no way will i make the same mistake with this one. i just hope there is enough interest from other people that it rates well and stays on air. it is certainly something different and fresh compared to all the cop and medical shows on tv and the CGI looks good, so i just hope this results in it being popular.

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