Auditions: Money For Jam

mfjChannel Nine is on the search for “bright business sparks” to appear in a new TV show, Money For Jam.

Nine has run an advertisement in local newspapers calling for people who have “always wanted to start up your own small business.”

“Got that light bulb idea but don’t know where to begin?” it asks.

The series seeks budding entrepreneurs with innovative and resourceful concepts.

“All we need is a brief description of your business idea and where you’re at with its development.”

Submissions are invited at [email protected]

TV Tonight understands it is intended as a prime time series. Each week it will follow 3 people on their mission to make more money.


  1. hi , i love the show and i have made my mind up to open my own shop. i would like to find out more on the cup cake shops , i would love to open my own were i live , could you please send info on that story, thanks tazz

  2. I agree with the bruce I was linked to an actors registration site and they were advertising ideas for a new program called money for jam for no fee. I thought it was some kind of non fee audition turns out all they wanted was our ideas…. chanel nine paid .nothing for all the ideas. the presenters are covering those storeis from our ideas, the public who thought there was an opportunity for a gig!! 9 are cheap skates

  3. Hello,
    I am hoping you can help me or direct me please to the appropriate person. I am interested in becoming a TV Presenter for the ‘money for jam’ program. How is the best way to go about it?
    KInd regards

  4. The Nab is sponsoring money for jam. Heres something interesting. I have 10 colleagues who saw the offer last week which was too good to be true, ie 2.99% on balance transfers. We allk applied and surprise , all of us got declined and we work for the government and have excellent credit records. We believe that NAB had no intention of honouring the offer made on your programme last week. They harvested financial information from applicants and at the same time had rejection letters already to go. Channel 7 are going to be very interested to find out how many applicants were approved. The only way this info can be gathered is to establish a blog and ask people. If we had 10 rejected just from our circle, that speaks for itself.
    Channel nine and ethics are, as usual incompatable.
    Bruce Crawford

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