Foxtel shows preserved by National Archives

dangerousAustralian-made productions from Subscription TV will now be preserved for posterity by the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA).

Foxtel has delivered 260 hours of original content including dramas such as Love My Way, Crash Palace, Dangerous (pictured) and documentaries including Beyond Kokoda and Battle of Long Tan.

The Chair of the NFSA, Professor Chris Puplick, said today that the agreement was a benchmark for what the NFSA is trying to achieve. “This will strengthen enormously our collection of Australian television and will increase the collection’s diversity, ensuring that we have material across all TV platforms, Subscription TV, Free to Air, Internet and Community TV.

“Australians of the future will be privileged to enjoy the long‐term benefits of this agreement. We are indebted to Foxtel and the Channels who are contributing, for their great vision, their cooperation and for their understanding of the importance of preservation.”

Foxtel’s CEO Kim Williams, said, “Like so many Australian film makers and TV producers, Foxtel has had to go it alone in order to succeed. The values of innovation, creativity and considered risk has served us well in our journey to profitability and rating success.

“Over the past 14 years we have radically changed the face of television in this country.”

The NFSA collection will now include material from FOX 8, the Lifestyle Channel, LifeStyle Food, the Weather Channel, Channel [V], MAX, The History Channel, UK TV, Showtime, and the Comedy Channel.

The agreement also includes video interviews with key participants in the subscription industry who tell the stories behind these Australian programs.


  1. Oh my gosh, what amazing news… (even tho I’m a few years late) and it’s amazing that people in the future can watch crash palace… But where can I watch it!?!?!!! I wanna watch it again and can’t seem to find it anywhere.. As if wiped from existence

  2. I was just wondering after watching the first episode (re run) the other night is what there was no second series? Cannot seem to locate any reason as to why?

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