MasterChef in arvo repeats

TEN is dead keen to push MasterChef Australia -so much so that it has scheduled afternoon repeats for the next two weeks.

mchefTEN is dead keen to push MasterChef Australia -so much so that it has scheduled afternoon repeats for the next two weeks.

One hour episodes will run next Tuesday to Friday at 3:30pm.

As an entree, Huey’s Cooking Adventures will screen at 3pm in place of Judge Judy.

On Saturday May 2nd, the half hour edition from Friday night will screen at 1pm.

In the week of May 3rd, the programming is more varied with MasterChef from 3-4:30pm on Monday May 4, then Huey / MasterChef at 3 / 3:30 on Tuesday 5th.

Across that week when MasterChef isn’t a one hour show the night before, Everybody Loves Raymond will fill in at 4pm.

The word “encore” may have been applied by TEN, but it’s a bit hard to justify when the audience hasn’t even seen the first episode.

The show kicks off 7:30pm Monday night.

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  1. Second night of watching this show and my verdict is i have never seen so much arrogance The three judges are pathetic in the way they treat and talk to the contestance ………wont be long before the shows axed .As for Gary if you can do better get behind the stove and show us

  2. I thought hyping and promoting a program was normal practice, I mean isn’t the aim to get the largest possible sample audience for the premier. Let’s be fair now, every network does it, Seven and Desperate Housewives for example.

  3. Genius programming 10…. who on earth will be tuning at 3.30pm (aka when the children are home and man the box) and on the back on another cooking genre show. Pure genius…. not.

  4. The Overkilling started Yesterday, They over-flogged it to death..
    Which will backfire big-time, especially with they’re opening promo showed it like a circus. I’ve been in the Hospitiality Industry and if Ch10 thinks that it’s a circus from episode 1.

    I will expose the BS on episode 1!

  5. This has already been over promoted and doubling up episodes already seems like a bad move… I’m defiantly not going to watch it and why did they move Huey!! Oh well, I’ll be home anyway to watch him half a hour early…

  6. But if people already know a repeat is on the following day (which may be more convienient for some viewers), wouldn’t that shrink rather than inflate numbers during first-run airings? It’s not like this tactic worked for Guerilla Gardeners.

  7. *sqeels* yay more slots filled with the same rubbish…. 😕
    You may call me a pessimist, but it seems Ten is also expecting the show to be a ratings slow-burn/major disaster given they are pre-emptively adding the traditional ‘encore’ episodes before the show has even begun…

  8. so what… No Judge Judy. She is the reason i run home after school. Love watching her show. Hueya Cooking Adventures is So boring and the food doesn’t look appatising. Ready Steady Cook has delicious food.

    please bring back Judge Judy, preferrable at 3.30 and make Huey back to 3pm like he was ages ago.

  9. hehe taking a leaf out of the pay tv programming schedule – they repeat shows every eight or 12 hours dont they?? but Im all for it if it gets rid of those Infomercials, dont have/get Judge Judy on SC10

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