Nine nabs Tool Academy

toolMove over Ladettes. Nine has picked up a VH1 series Tool Academy in which a host tries to transform wayward boyfriends into husband material.

The series gives ‘insensitive and clownish boyfriends a surprise wake up call’ followed by intensive relationship therapy. Each week, the “Tools” will get lessons designed to give them one last chance to save their faltering relationships.

A resident counsellor covers topics like honesty, fidelity, maturity and communication. The guys who don’t learn go home, but not before their girlfriends decide whether to keep them, or leave them behind to start over.

The man who shows the most improvement graduates wins a cash prize.

Second window rights go to MTV.

Source: C21, Eurweb


  1. yeah sure…it’ll fail in ratings.

    just like ladette to lady or beauty and the geek were supposed to do. hah.
    look at the ratings figures of some of these shows and they do pretty well….put it on late-ish (11pm) and i reckon it’ll do well.
    i dont think 9 will care about 6 people in a message board not watching it…clearly the wrong demographic.
    im gonna watch it for sure….

  2. Come on everyone:
    who here wouldn’t want a MTV/VH1 style free-to-air channel.
    I know i would.
    But on channel 9, i dont think it would rate well but i do hope they put in on there 2nd SD channel.
    But saying that i would like to see some other content as well on it.

  3. Another nail in the Channel Nine coffin. What an absolute farce this show will be. Give it up Nine – you won’t win the ratings with a rubbish show like this.

  4. God help 9. Sounds very, very bad, and further evidence of their programming direction, which is disappointing, to say the least. This sort of stuff should stay on VH1, MTV, not major FTA as audience is small.

  5. Mmmmm…more reality trash, I’m assuming this will fill the void in Nine’s craptacular trash tuesdays? Haven’t they realised this isn’t working for them.

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