Shine Australia to produce Junior Masterchef

While MasterChef Australia is produced by FremantleMedia Australia, Junior Masterchef will be produced this year by Shine Australia for Network TEN.

The newly-established production company retains the rights for the MasterChef spin-off from its parent Shine Group, which licensed the rights to the original show to FremantleMedia. The deal did not include FremantleMedia having all spin-off rights.

Shine Group CEO Elisabeth Murdoch launched the new production company in Melbourne today at George Calombaris’, Press Club restaurant. She was joined by her joint Australian CEOs, Mark and Carl Fennessy, formerly of FremantleMedia Australia.

Junior MasterChef which is hinting at a 10 x 60 series for 8-12 year olds, will access the MasterChef kitchen for filming following the upcoming series by FremantleMedia. While production and programming deals are still being discussed with TEN, the show is tipped for a post-Commonwealth Games launch.

Mark Fennessy said The Biggest Loser franchise is also in its final contract to FremantleMedia and Shine would resume controlling the rights at the end of 2010.

He indicated both Seven and Nine had put up their hand with interest. Shine Australia was in discussions with all three commercial Free to Air broadcasters over its titles.

“We’ll be making a multi-year deal,” he said.

Fennessy also said the new SBS quiz show, based on France’s Letters and Numbers has plans for 200 episodes. 100 have been approved by the broadcaster under a title yet to be determined.

Shine Australia also has an exclusive output deal with RDF Media in Australia which has titles including Wife Swap, Ladette to Lady, The Secret Millionaire, How to Look Good Naked, Relocation Relocation and How the Other Half Live, -currently in production for Seven.

The Shine Group, which is established in 10 territories, is the parent group of production companies Dragonfly, Kudos, Princess Productions, Reveille, Shine TV and Shine Germany; international sales company Shine Reveille International and film production arm Shine Pictures.

Today, CEO Elisabeth Murdoch acknowledged the media launch of the company at a lunch in the building which was formerly home to News Limited’s Herald Sun building.

“This is a market I would never take lightly,” she said. “Carl and Mark are the only two people for the job. I couldn’t have done it without them.”


  1. Christelle Pagonis

    Hello! Could you please tell me when the application form for junior masterchef will be available
    my reasons that I want to be in junior masterchef is because
    *I love cooking(I cook for 5 people in my family every Saturday for breakfast
    *My family loves the food I make
    *iIhave always wanted to be on T.V
    *Cooking is so fun for any recipe
    *I have watched every eposode of masterchef last year and I think it is cool
    P.S I can not use a stove,oven or anything like that but I can use a microwave
    . I always use it at home to warm something up

    Thank You.

  2. talisa copley

    hi…. this is on behalf of my little sister Dayna, she is 11, and is an amazing little cook.. i would love to enter her into this competition, and give her the oppurtunity, as she would abnsolutely love to be a part..

    talisa 🙂

  3. i love to cook and cook all the time with my dad! i made hamburgers on the weekend and love being in the kitchen and trying new things! i would love to be on your show.

  4. Jessica Barhoun

    i am 9 years old i love cooking i love cooking because its great and it makes me feel happy.i would like to have this oppertunaty to be able to have the chance to be a junior maserchef please please please.

  5. that’s bull seriously, 8-12? isn’t that a bit too young I’m turning 17 this December 2010 and i am seriously disappointed to hear that a master chef for kids 8-12 is on and not a 18s, this would be a major flaw, safety regulations would be brought down and kids aren’t able to flambe’ food make all those food except for cakes and little spaghetti…

    Please an under 18s Masterchef would be great, trust me…

  6. Could you please tell me when the application form for junior masterchef will be available. I would like to enter and I don’t want to miss out as I am 12 years old in February19 so this would be my only chance.
    I love cooking and my dad use to own a restarunt.